how to m ove f rom blogger to wordpress n.
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How to move from Blogger to Wordpress PowerPoint Presentation
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How to move from Blogger to Wordpress

How to move from Blogger to Wordpress

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How to move from Blogger to Wordpress

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  1. How To Move From Blogger To Wordpress Presented By, Kudometrics

  2. If you are fond of writing or you are in a profession where you have to write letters, reports, blogs, and articles, then you must be aware of Wordpress and blogger websites. • These two websites give you a platform to publish your work online and a writer can easily share his work with the world through these two platforms. INTRODUCTION

  3. The foremost thing you have to do is to export your blog from blogger, for this you simply have to login to the blogger dashboard and after that go to the option of Settings- OtherPage- under the blog tools, you have to click on the option of Export Blog Link. • By following this path, your blog content from Blogger will be downloaded on your computer, in the form of an XML file, and after the completion of the download, you can import it into your Wordpress page. The First Step- Export your Blogger Blog

  4. For importing your Blogger to WordPress services, you need to make the changes in your Wordpress admin, visit Tools- imports and on the import page, you need to click on Blogger, this will bring up an option asking you to install the Blogger to WordPress importer, you need to click on the Install button. • Now, Wordpress will download and install the Blogger Importer plugin for you. After the completion of installing, you will have to click on the link which says- Active Plugin and Run Importer. The Second Step- Import Blogger to Wordpress

  5. Permalink is used for URL structure of individual pages. • WordPress comes with a function that allows you to set up a URL structure which is SEO friendly, but as you are importing your content from Blogger, you will also require to close to your Blogger URL structure. • To set up permalinks, you have to go Settings- Permalinks screen and there you can choose the name and month of your permalink structure. The Third Step-Setting of Permalinks

  6. The necessary part of redirection is that you want users to land on the same page on the new site which they were trying open on the old site, this also helps in updating on different search engines that your old site is moved to a new location. The Fourth Step- Setting up Redirection

  7. After these steps you can redirect feeds and import images from Blogger to WordPress Media Library. Happy Writing CONCLUSION