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  1. Gifted/Talented zentall

  2. to Identify a Gifted Student • Intelligence: an IQ score of 115 or above. • Acheivement: • a composite score at the 95th percentile or higher on any group-administered achievement tests. • Evidence of distinguished student achievement in learning, performance, or artistic production. • Evidence of early reading or exceptional ability in reading. • Creativity zentall

  3. Normal Bell Curve zentall

  4. Early Signs and Characteristics of Giftedness • Abstract reasoning and problem-solving skills • Curiosity • Early and intense language development • Enjoyment and speed of learning • Excellent sense of humor • High activity level • Long attention span • Vivid Imagination • Extraordinary memory zentall

  5. Knows the answers Is interested Is attentive Works hard Answers the Questions Is in the top group Listens with interest Learns with ease Understands ideas Enjoys peers Is receptive Copies accurately Asks the questions Is highly curious Is mentally and physically involved Plays around, yet tests well Discusses in detail Is beyond the group Shows strong feeling and opinions Already knows Constructs abstractions Prefers adults Is intense Creates a new design Bright Child vs. Gifted Child zentall

  6. Homogeneous Grouping Accommodations • Full-time gifted programs. • Cluster grouping within classrooms. • Grouping for acceleration of the curriculum. • Cross-grade grouping in nongraded classrooms. • Enrichment pull-out programs. zentall

  7. Description of Two Gifted Students • Alice is someone who excels in intelligence; she has sky-high IQ, outstanding grades, and exceptional analytical ability. She is superior in planning, monitoring, evaluating, and implementing problem solving strategies as well as acquiring knowledge. Alice is a test taker and problem solver. • good example of a gifted student who excels in maturity and not just in a specific subject. zentall

  8. Barbara, on the other hand, is someone who excels in the synthetic rather than analytic aspects of intelligence. She excels in coping with novelty, in seeing old problems in new ways and new problems in old ways. She earns good grades, but scores low on aptitude tests, causing others to misjudge her as an “overachiever.” Barbara is someone who has creative insights that most people do not have. She can distinguish the forest from the trees in her thinking, and she has a good sense of what constitutes important problems. Barbara is very creative and she is a first class problem finder instead solver. Although she scores low on most aptitude tests she excels in problem finding zentall