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Unit 4 Book 8

Unit 4 Book 8

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Unit 4 Book 8

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  1. Unit 4 Book 8 Pygmalion revision 2012-01-12

  2. I. Spell the following words: 1. n. 改编本 adaptation 2. vi. 吹口哨 鸣笛 whistle • n. 大使 使节 ambassador 4. vt./vi. 谈论 评论 remark 5. n. 相识 了解 acquaintance

  3. 6. vt. 编排 分类 classify 7. n. 洗衣店 laundry 8. adj. 优秀的 较高的 superior 9. vt. 伪装 假扮 disguise 10. adj. 带来麻烦的 troublesome

  4. 11. vi. 犹豫 hesitate 12. adj. 真实的 可信的 authentic 13. adj. 令人反感的 disgusting 14. adj. 有效的 effective 15. n. 仲裁者 裁判员 referee

  5. 16. n. 佛教 Buddhism 17. n. 古董 古玩 文物 antique 18. vt./vi. 褪色 逐渐消失 fade 19. adv. 尽情地 痛快地 heartily 20. n./vi. 妥协 折中 compromise

  6. Key phrases: • in disguise • pass…off as… 把…冒充或改变成… • make one’s acquaintance • in amazement • generally speaking • in terms of 就…来说 从…角度 • rob sb. of sth. • show…in show…out show…around • once more • in need of

  7. II. Put the following into Chinese: • If not, look at the pictures and the captions below them and try to work out the story and tell it to your partner. • It is pouring with rain and cab whistles are blowing in all directions. • You can place a man by just a few remarks. • But they betray themselves every time they open their mouths. • …the English that will condemn her to the gutter to the end of her days. But, sir, once educated to speak properly, that girl could pass herself off in 3 months as a duchess at an….

  8. 6. I’ll say you’re the greatest teacher alive if you can pass her off as a lady. I’ll be the referee for this little bet… 7. I can’t. I dursn’t. It ain’t natural and it’d kill me. I’ve never had a bath in my life; not over my whole body, neither below my waist nor taking my vest off. 8. What are we going to do once the experiment is over. 9. But you cannot overlook that! She will be changed and she has feelings too. We must be practical, mustn’t we?

  9. III. Key words and phrases: 1. hesitate He hesitated a moment, and then knocked on the door. My mother never hesitates to tell me when I look bad. Don’t hesitate to call me if you need any help. Many witnesses are still hesitant to come forward. After a brief hesitation, he answered ‘Yes’. I would have no hesitation in recommending him for the job. Once he has made up his mind to do something, he will do it without hesitation.

  10. 2. disguise in disguise He didn’t disguise his anger about what had happened. She arrived at his home disguised as a man. The intruder was disguised in a post office uniform. The soldiers disguised themselves as ordinary civilians. Famous film stars often go out in disguise to avoid the ever-present journalists.

  11. 3. seize ‘Listen,’ he said, seizing my wrist. Before the thief could run away, the policeman seized him by the collar. Hearing the noise, he seized his gun from the drawer. He decided to seize the opportunity/chance/ moment and ask her to marry him. Their opponents seized control of the army. Companies were quick to seize on the possibilities offered by new technology.

  12. 4. condemn 遣责 给…判刑 The government condemned the attacks. He was widely condemned for his behavior after the match. The statement was strongly condemned by members of the opposition party. Both men have been condemned to life imprisonment. Fifty rebels were condemned to death.

  13. 5. betray背叛 出卖 辜负 In wartime many people accused of betraying their country were executed. She realized that one of her friends must have betrayed her. They felt their assistant had betrayed their trust in publishing his diaries. She betrayed all her beliefs and told a lie. The woman’s face betrayed her panic in her heart.

  14. 6. rob rob sb. of sth. rob sb. at knifepoint/gunpoint. rob a place of sth. They were planning to rob the museum of some antique Smith was robbed of his car, briefcase, and mobile phone. Last night, he was robbed at knifepoint in the street. The robber was arrested and charged with armed robbery.

  15. 7. show…in show…out show…round/over show up show off When she arrives, show her straight in. Ask someone in the office to show you out. She was busy showing some important guests over/round/around the factory. He promised to show me round. I’ll be very surprised if they show up on time. You are always showing me up in front of my friends. You should seize the chance to show your skill off.

  16. 8. fade fade out Her smile slowly faded. The laughter faded when they saw the teacher’s face. They heard footsteps go past the room, then fade into the distance. The sun had faded the red curtains. Hopes that he will be found alive are fading. The voice on the radio faded out. Most of these fashions just fade away and are forgotten.

  17. B 1. The police _____determined to bring back the missing boy when his family ____almost given up all hope. A. is; have B. are; have C. is; has D. are; has 2. He always dream of ____ a chance for him to go abroad for further study. A. there being B. there to be C. there is D. there be 3. ---How did you find your visit to the newly built art museum ? ---______ . A. With others’ help B. Oh, magnificent, indeed C. By taking a No. 7 bus D. by myself A B

  18. B 4. ---Do you feel like ___there or shall we take a bus ? ---I’d like to walk, but since there isn’t much time left, I’d rather we ___ a taxi. A. to walk; take B. walking; took C. to walk; took D. walking; take 5. It is _____ that his English is __ perfect. A. certain; quite B. sure; very C. exact ; fairly D. right; rather 6. ____ anyone phone, tell them that I am busy with my paper. A. Would B. Shall C. Should D. Will A C

  19. C 7. A bullet hit the soldier and he was wounded in ___ leg. A. a B. one C. the D. his 8. Both sides have accused ___ of breaking the contract. A. another B. the other C. neither D. each 9. Before ___ white , the door should be cleaned thoroughly . A. painting B. painted C. being painted D. having painted B C

  20. B 10. He was sung high praise ___ he had done. A. for what B. for for what C. what D. for for all what 11. ___two exams to worry about, I have to work really hard this weakened. A. With B. Besides C. As for D. Because 12. It is three years _______he worked in the company. A . since B. before C. until D. that A A

  21. D 13. ---What was the party like ? ---Wonderful. It is years ___ I enjoyed myself so much. A . after B. before C. when D. since 14. You ought to have given them some advice. ____ . But who cared what I said ? A. So ought you B. So I ought C .So did you D. So I did 15. It won’t be ____you get well. A. before long B. long C. long before D. before D C

  22. B 16. She _____to say thank you. A. did B. did write C. write D. write did 17. We were all overjoyed at the news of China_____ another man-made satellite . A. to have launched B. to launch C. launched D. having launched 18. Did she appreciate _____ out her mistake ? A. you to point B. for you to point C. your pointing D. your pointed D C

  23. C 19. The patient was warned ____oily food after the operation . A. to eat not B. eating not C. not to eat D. not eating 20. There are five pairs____, but I’m at a loss which to buy . A. to be chosen B. to choose from C. to choose D. for choosing B

  24. Thank you!