policies and procedures for post bacs at psu n.
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Policies and Procedures for Post bacs at PSU PowerPoint Presentation
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Policies and Procedures for Post bacs at PSU

Policies and Procedures for Post bacs at PSU

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Policies and Procedures for Post bacs at PSU

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  1. Policies and Procedures for Post bacs at PSU

  2. Formal Admission to PSU • Required for any transcript evaluation • Required for admission to CS Dept./Maseeh College • Admitted Postbacs receive registration priority over most all other students (except seniors) • Usually a 4-6 week process • Advising will not be available until you have been officially admitted to PSU.

  3. How do I apply to PSU?How Do I Apply to PSU?Go to: Found under Admissions Become a Student Postbaccalaureate Applicant

  4. University Requirements to earn a Bachelor of Science degree • Must complete bachelor of science requirements if previous degree was not a bachelor of science • No general education is required • If first degree was from a University where instruction was not in English then WR 323 is required for graduation.

  5. Admitted to PSU, What’s Next?Contact me, Barbara, at and give me your PSU ID number. I will request a postbac transfer evaluation IF you intend to obtain a second bachelor’s degree ANDwant to use classes from your first degree toward your CS degree.

  6. Postbac Transfer Evaluations Usually take about 10 days to complete May not be adequate: • for classes taken outside of Oregon • for classes which are not on Transferology (

  7. Steps for further transcript evaluation Gather all: • Class syllabi and samples of graded exams/homework from classes you wish to transfer (science, math, technical writing and speech classes) that are not on U.Select. • Department contacts will provide a more detailed evaluation. These classes must be visible on your DARS for further evaluation to take place.

  8. Email syllabi and work samples, include PSU ID number and major to: • Chemistry: Prof. Gwen Schusterman at • Physics: Prof. Andrew Rice at • Tech writing: Prof. Tracy Dillon at • Speech/Communication: Prof. Cynthia-Lou Coleman at • Math syllabi should be directed to me and I will refer them to the math adviser. • Please cc me ( so I know this is in progress.

  9. CS Advising Visits • Bring current printout of DARS • Know your PSU ID number • Any course plans we have created together

  10. Admission Deadlines • Fall Admission deadline: July 1 • Spring Admission deadline: Feb 1 CS Application is found on CS webpage ( under: Programs Undergraduate Undergraduate Forms