what makes a good leader n.
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What makes a good leader PowerPoint Presentation
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What makes a good leader

What makes a good leader

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What makes a good leader

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  1. What makes a good leader • Divide class into groups of 4 • Give each group a set of the 5 cards (without names) • Ask each group to review the cards and select the one candidate whom they would choose to be their leader, and the one they would least like to be their leader • Groups have 10 minutes to discuss their choices and be ready to present their choices to the class along with an explanation • After all groups get a chance to present, show the students who the leaders really were. • Conclude by asking the class which leadership qualities were missing from the cards.

  2. Card #1 Son of a cobbler Age when taking power: 45 Married: Twice widowed Children: Three Education: Three years of college; did not graduate Previous employment: Motivational speaker, editor, party politician, government employee (ran two departments) Greatest achievement: Saved his country from complete domination by a foreign power

  3. Card #2 Born on a farm Age when taking power: 61 Married: More than 25 years Children: One Education: High school Previous employment: Retailer, local official, national legislator, senior executive branch official Greatest achievement: Completely changed his country’s foreign policy which had lasted for almost 160 years

  4. Card #3 Son of a wealthy financial and political leader Age when taking power: 35 Married: Once Children: Two Education: College graduate Previous employment: Naval officer, legislator Greatest achievement: Convinced his country to embark on a grandiose project without knowing whether it would succeed.

  5. Card #4 Son of a wealthy planter Age when taking power: 43 Married: Once Children: None Education: No formal schooling after the age of 11 Previous employment: Surveyor, army officer Greatest achievement: Led his country in a successful revolution against the world’s dominant power at the time.

  6. Card #5 Father was a peasant who became wealthy Age when taking power: 56 Married: Four times (twice widowed, once divorced) Children: Five Education: College graduate Previous employment: Party office, army officer Greatest achievement: Led his country through the most far-reaching revolution in its history.

  7. Card #1 • Josef Stalin • Soviet Dictator • 1922-1953 Time Magazine name Stalin Man of the year in 1939!

  8. Card #2 • Harry S. Truman • 33rd U.S. President • 1945-1953

  9. Card #3 • John F. Kennedy • 35th U.S. President • 1961-1963

  10. Card #3 • George Washington • 1st U.S. President • 1789-1797

  11. Card #4 • Mao Zedong • Chairman of the Communist Party of China • 1945-1976 In October 1966, Mao's Quotations From Chairman Mao Tse-Tung, which was known as the Little Red Book was published. Party members were encouraged to carry a copy with them and possession was almost mandatory as a criterion for membership. Over the years, Mao's image became displayed almost everywhere, present in homes, offices and shops. His quotations were typographically emphasized by putting them in boldface or red type in even the most obscure writings.