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Keeping My Hot Cocoa Hot PowerPoint Presentation
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Keeping My Hot Cocoa Hot

Keeping My Hot Cocoa Hot

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Keeping My Hot Cocoa Hot

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  1. Keeping My Hot Cocoa Hot Science Fair Example PowerPoint

  2. Background Information • One day I was drinking hot chocolate. I thought about the different types of cups from which I can drink hot chocolate and wondered which type of cup, if any, could keep my hot chocolate the hottest the longest. • I thought this would be an interesting topic for my school science fair because most people I know like hot drinks.

  3. Testable Question • Which type of cup- paper, ceramic, or Styrofoam- keeps hot drinks hottest the longest?

  4. Research • I noticed at home we use ceramic cups when we have hot drinks such as hot cocoa or coffee. I noticed at Starbucks paper cups are used. I have also drank hot drinks from Styrofoam cups. Since Starbucks is a successful business, I think they would use the best type of cup to keep drinks hot the longest. I also did online research about what cups are the most effective at keeping drinks hottest longest.

  5. Hypothesis • Since Starbucks is liked by so many people and uses paper cups, I predict that paper cups will keep hot drinks hottest the longest.

  6. Materials • Styrofoam cup • Paper cup • Ceramic cup • Measuring cup • 30 ounces hot water • 3 Thermometers • Stopwatch • Data collection chart • Pencil • Goggles • Cooking mittens

  7. Procedures • Put on goggles and protective mittens. • Heat water to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. • Pour 8 oz. of water into each cup. • Place a thermometer in each cup. • Wait one minute. • Record starting temperature of water in each cup. • Wait 5 minutes and record temperature of H2O. • Repeat 3 more times for a total of 20 minutes.

  8. Independent Variable • The part of the experiment I am changing is the type of cup.

  9. Dependent Variable • The dependent variable is what is being measured. In my experiment the dependent variable is the temperature of the hot liquid.

  10. Collecting and Organizing Data

  11. Analyzing Results At the end of 20 minutes, paper decreased the most, next was ceramic, and the cup with the smallest decrease in temperature was the Styrofoam cup. The Styrofoam was hottest at the end of the experiment.

  12. Conclusion • My hypotheses was wrong, paper did not keep the hot liquid hot the longest. Styrofoam was best at keeping hot water hottest the longest. • This information can help others to know what kind of cup to use if they want their hot drinks to stay hot as long as possible.

  13. New Questions • I wonder if having lids on the cups will make a difference in the experiment? • I wonder if coffee cools faster than hot chocolate? • I wonder if more water cools down faster or more slowly than less water?

  14. Bibliography • I went to Starbucks and Yum Yum Donuts to find out what kind of cups they use. • Types of Insulated Cups : • The Book of Cups by Bob Harran. • The difference between hot and cold insulated containers.

  15. Becoming a Better Scientist • Doing this project helped me become a better scientist by ___________________________ • Skills I used to complete this project were __________________________________________________________________________ • My favorite part of this investigation was _____________________________________ • For next year’s science fair I might like to _____________________________________