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  1. HOT & COLD = Extending one single sense in high definition Inviting participation = of multiple senses MEDIA Marshall McLuhan Anne Surber MAT 103

  2. Hieroglyphics Lack of articulated expression encouraging tribalization HOT VS COLD Phonetic Alphabet Articulation of expression through the printed word discouraging tribalization

  3. Stone Heavy and unwieldy media that binds time and unifies people HOT VS COLD Paper Quick and dispersible media, enabling individual expression

  4. Telephone Ear is given meager information with ample opportunity for participation HOT VS COLD Radio Ear is given absolute information without possibility of participation

  5. Cartoon Limited visual information is provided HOT VS COLD Photography Abundant visual information is provided

  6. Television The senses interpret and add to the visual information HOT VS COLD Film The senses are engulfed by the visual information

  7. Speech Little information easily filled in by the listener HOT VS COLD Typography Abstract visual intensity creating extreme individualist patterns

  8. Lecture Little participation from the audience HOT VS COLD Seminar Heavy participation of the audience

  9. Native Unified oral but illiterate culture HOT VS COLD City Slicker Individual and literate mechanical culture

  10. The Waltz Fast mechanical dance of pomp and display HOT VS COLD The Twist Chatty form of improvised gesture and individualism

  11. Stockings The eye must act as a hand filling in the completed image HOT VS COLD Nylons All the information available, the eye cannot fill in more of the image

  12. Sunglasses Creates an inaccessible view HOT VS COLD Glasses Intensifies the outward-going vision

  13. “Tribal, traditional oral culture that invites participation and provides unification” ~Walter McLuhan HOT Hieroglyphics Stone Telephone Cartoon Television Speech Lectures Native The Waltz Fishnets Sunglasses Oral Culture & COLD Phonetic Alphabet Paper Radio Photography Film Typography Seminars City Slicker The Twist Nylons Glasses MEDIA “Intensity and high definition producing specialism and fragmentation In living” ~Walter McLuhan