nri plan for lok satta party awareness and support in usa n.
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NRI Plan for Lok Satta Party Awareness and Support in USA PowerPoint Presentation
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NRI Plan for Lok Satta Party Awareness and Support in USA

NRI Plan for Lok Satta Party Awareness and Support in USA

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NRI Plan for Lok Satta Party Awareness and Support in USA

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  1. NRI Plan for Lok Satta Party Awareness and Support in USA Started by Fund Raising Team Members Kalyan Raman Dilip SankarReddy Kapil Bolisetty Vinay Renikuntla Suresh Edera

  2. Our Goals • Mission: Build a better India through ideals of Lok Satta Party • Vision: Build the US as a strong support base for the party in India. Develop Lok Satta as the preeminent choice of the majority of <Telugu?> NRI’s • Our Message: UNCOMPROMISE, Demand More – You are paying for it !!! • Reason to Believe: We have a larger base % of people who will be influenced by our message than even in India – • All NRI’s are educated, and can follow a rational argument • Everyday, they experience a govt. working here and can compare with their experience of a non-working govt. in India. People in India can envision what good govt. would be like, but have no experience of it. They are fighting for a distant vision, NRI’s KNOW it is not a dream, and can be achieved !! • NRI’s see differences everyday in • Services – Roads, Traffic, Police, Public Schools, Parks – why aren’t they working as they are supposed to in India? • Policies – Discussions on healthcare policy, education policy etc. which are absent in India • Behavior of Representatives – Prosecution of corruption, respect for each other in Parliament etc. – compared to the gruff reality and personal profane attacks in Indian elected houses

  3. Behavior Drivers Today, people are not interested as they don’t think they can make a difference

  4. Financial Targets: $400K/yr. Donation Opportunity from US NRI’s, Current Reach and Influence at Early Stage All Numbers in 1000’s LSP USA Key Facts Basics • Lok Satta USA group had 25 people in Jan ’09 • Currently 415 strong, distributed in 40 US cities • For recent Elections, group strength was ~ 100 Fund Raising • Our records show $65K donations were influenced by this group • That amount is about 20% of min. potential • Need each volunteer to increase reach 5x within a year to reach existing LSP supporters and get $20 donation NRI Segment is lucrative for other reasons • Educated, better off than average US Family1 • Disproportionate Influence with family and friends in India • Ability to create ‘buzz’ and newsworthy material • Source: US Census Bureau, US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), see appendix for details • Excluded for all calculations of donation size per legal counsel

  5. We need a plan to expand the base, need alignment & participation across key chapters - 1 Brand, Consistent Message

  6. Our Targets must be on three fronts Chapters to decide plans locally based on volunteer interests and contacts Plan execution tracked and reported to other chapter coordinators within Tier regularly – hold each other accountable Important: ‘Event’ means a couple hours spent distributing flyers at a local temple, movie hall, or cultural event – not a major setup / booth at a function

  7. Approach to Defining Targets • We are using a simple logical approach to defining what our targets ought to be – • Census based $ targets = 2yr. Goal • 3 month $ target = 2 yr. goal / 8 • $ target / target donation amount ($20) = # donors you need to meet target • # donors * 3 = # people you need in your mail list • # people in mail list * 5 = Exposures you need to create to get that many people on mail list  Each person (already favorable to LSP) on your mail list needs 5 exposures to sign up on list • # exposures / 50 = # events you need to conduct to get the required exposures • # events you need per month = # volunteers you need in your area (2 volunteers can run 2 events in 4 hours  1 person can do 1 event per month) • Sample Numbers for a chapter that has a @-yr. $1000 target -

  8. Targets based on Indian Community1 in our Key Chapters Using the approach defined and the community numbers, the following targets emerge for each of us • Key Questions on Targets: • Validity: #’s are likely correct - based on community levels • Size: Is this enough money to raise?- Seems low: • ~$200K = Rs. 1Cr. per year, will enable hiring 50 full time employees @ Rs. 20K per month – can support entire CHC • These are #’s from just 4 cities/ areas but likely covers 50% potential of entire US. We have presence in 40 cities today • Achievability: Each member ($20 / mo.) counts as 12 donors, 3 mo. Targets acheivable from current volunteer base enrollment • Capacity: I don’t have as many active volunteers now – targets can be adjusted to existing base using same formulas • Source: US Census Bureau, US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), see appendix for details

  9. Targets- Adjusted to current capacity • With existing volunteers, we can adjust targets and reach below numbers • Remember, exec. Member enrollments will count as 12 donors i.e. signing up 15 people for exec membership means 180 donors • Plans and targets needed to expand volunteer base to desired levels on prior page to reach full potential – propose target to double volunteer base in 6 months, and reach target levels in 1 yr.

  10. Suggestions / Guidelines on Planning • Requesting you to build tactical plans that enable all volunteers to self select events they can participate in at their own convenience – publish a 3 mo. roster of activity for your area on the internet and encourage people to sign up • Other strategies – • Equip your people to build networks to reach chapter goals – • Encourage and track development of individual mail lists to send LSP message – cuts thru’ media hype and junk mail • Help develop national content e.g. Newsletter that can be distributed • Selective PFL Media purchase (Telugu movie slides, Web, Radio) to support awareness activity Each chapter expected to provide monthly update of status in fund raising team meeting – Participants: Other Tier 1 chapter coordinators, party leader(s) : Katari / Pratibha Rao + Krishna S / Madhav

  11. Traditional Issues with Growing Base We have encountered several issues in the past. Proposal presents a starter approach to addressing several of them

  12. Proposed Next Steps • We need a plan, but no plan will be perfect. We must start to act with the plan we have. We will take inputs from everyone, but will keep moving on the plan once it is decided


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