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Show what you know about music! PowerPoint Presentation
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Show what you know about music!

Show what you know about music!

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Show what you know about music!

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  1. Music Terms GameFeel free to add to the game by adding more terms and definitions!Please share your additions and send to

  2. Show what you know about music! Click the mouse when ready to start!

  3. Your objective?To know another language, the language of music!Ready? Click!

  4. Which term means to play or sing the notes smooth and connected?(Click on the correct word.) Legato Staccato Fermata

  5. You are right! Legato means smoothly connected! You are ready for a new word!

  6. Sorry Charlie! Staccato means to play the notes short and separated. Try again

  7. Oops! Fermata means to hold the note longer. Try again

  8. Which music term refers to music used for church or in religious ceremonies?(Click on the correct word.) secular lullaby sacred

  9. Yippee!! Sacred music is religious music! You are ready for another!

  10. Nope! Secular means NON- religious music. Try again.

  11. Nope, a lullaby is a song meant for sleeping. Try again.

  12. Which music term means to gradually get louder?(Click on the correct word.) Decrescendo Accelerando Crescendo

  13. Nope! Decrescendo means to gradually get softer! Try again

  14. Sorry! Accelerando means to gradually increase (or accelerate) the tempo. Try again

  15. Hooray!! Crescendo means to gradually get louder. Try a new music term!

  16. What does tempo refer to? The highness or lowness of sound. The speed of the beat. The loudness or softness of sound.

  17. Oops! Pitch means the highness or lowness of sound. Click here for an example of pitch. Try again!

  18. Oh yeah!! Tempo is the speed of the beat. You are ready for a new music term!

  19. Bummer! Dynamics refer to the loudness or softness of the music. ff ppp p Try again! ff mf

  20. What is the name for a large instrumental group consisting primarily of woodwind, brass and percussion instruments? band orchestra choir

  21. All right!! A band consists of woodwinds, brass, and percussion, but no strings. Try a new music term!

  22. Close, but no cookie! An orchestra consist of brass, woodwinds, percussion AND strings! Try again!

  23. Sorry, Charlie! A choir is a group of singers. Try again!

  24. What is form in music? A complete musical idea, comparable to a sentence. The overall structure or organization of a musical composition. The distinctive sound of an instrument or voice. 

  25. Uh-uh! A musical thought or idea is called a phrase. Try again

  26. You’re a Genius! The way a song is put together is called its form. You are ready for a new music word!

  27. No way! The way an instrument or voice sounds is its timbre or tone color. Click on the saxophone to hear its timbre. Try again

  28. What is an accompaniment?(Click on the correct word.) A musical instrument A person that plays the piano Music that adds texture to a melody

  29. Sorry Charlie! Try again

  30. You are right! An accompaniment is the music that goes with the melody. You are ready for a new word!

  31. Oops! An accompanist is someonewho plays the accompaniment. Try again

  32. What do we call a person who leads a musical group? composer spiritual conductor

  33. No, a composer is a person who WRITES musical works. Try again!

  34. You got it! A conductor leads the band, orchestra, or choir. (They’re the ones standing up there waving their arms!) One More!

  35. Oh – oh! A spiritual is a sacred song that evolved from the period of slavery in the United States.  Try again

  36. Congratulations! You have completed the review! Consider yourself a maestro and take a bow!

  37. Maestro is a fancy word for a conductor who knows a lot about music!(Like J.S. Bach)