male reproductive system n.
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Male Reproductive System PowerPoint Presentation
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Male Reproductive System

Male Reproductive System

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Male Reproductive System

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  1. Male Reproductive System

  2. The two main functions of the male reproductive system: • Production & storage of sperm. • Transfer of sperm into female’s body during sexual intercourse.

  3. Sperm The male reproductive cells.

  4. Acrosome – contain enzymes used for penetrating the female’s egg. Head - contains a nucleus of dense genetic material

  5. Body- Connects the head to the tail and contains mitochondria which is used to “power” the tail. Tail- Allows the sperm to swim easily in a fluid environment(semen).

  6. During the ages of 12- 15 the male reproductive system reaches maturity. • At this time the production of testosterone begins.

  7. Testosterone (the male sex hormone) also controls the production of sperm. • A physically mature male is capable of producing sperm for the rest of his life.

  8. External Male Reproductive Organs: 1. Scrotum 2. Penis

  9. Scrotum An external skin sac that holds the testes. • The scrotum helps to regulate the temperature of the testicles, which need to be kept cooler than body temperature in order to produce sperm.

  10. The scrotum changes size in order to maintain the right temperature. When the body is cold, the scrotum shrinks and becomes tighter and the testes move closer to the body for warmth. When it is warm, the scrotum becomes relaxed causing the testes to lower away from the body.

  11. Penis A tube shaped organ that extends from the trunk of the body just above the testes. • The penis is composed of spongy tissue that contains many blood vessels.

  12. Erection- When blood flow to the penis increases, it becomes enlarged and erect (stands away from the body). This is a normal body function.

  13. Erection continued: • Erections are a normal function of the male body, especially in guys who are going through puberty. • Erections can be caused by sexual arousal or for no reason at all.

  14. Semen A thick fluid containing sperm and other secretions that are released from the penis. • Semen is released during ejaculation and each ejaculation can contain up to 500 million sperm.

  15. Ejaculation A series of muscular contractions that occur at the height of sexual arousal (orgasm).

  16. Internal Male Reproductive Organs • Testes • Epididymis • Vas Deferens • Seminal Vesicle • Prostate Gland & Cowper’s Gland • Urethra

  17. Testes Produce millions of tiny sperm and are responsible for the production of testosterone (male hormone).

  18. Epididymis A structure within the scrotum that stores, matures, and transports sperm from the testes to the vas deferens.

  19. Vas Deferens A tube that transports the sperm containing fluid to the urethra.

  20. Seminal Vesicle Produces a nourishing fluid that combines with the sperm as they move through the vas deferens.

  21. Prostate Gland &Cowper’s Gland Adds special fluid to the sperm (nourishes & protects) before it is ejaculated from the penis.

  22. Urethra A tube that carries urine from the bladder to outside the body. The urethra is also a passageway for semen to the outside of the body.

  23. Care of the Male Reproductive System • Get regular check ups • Bathe regularly • Wear protective equipment • Perform regular self examinations • Practice abstinence