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Warm-up 8/23 PowerPoint Presentation
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Warm-up 8/23

Warm-up 8/23

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Warm-up 8/23

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  1. Warm-up 8/23 • No time for warm-up today! Keep your warm-up sheet for next week.

  2. Today’s agenda • Essay reflection & revision • Homework: revision due Sunday night by 11:59pm • Learning goal check

  3. “On Want of Money” • Reflection: Look at rubric and your score. Why do you think you received this score? • What RIP words did you use? List them. • Make notes of any comments that indicate a weakness you can improve upon.

  4. Essay Weaknesses • Most prevalent mistake: misreading the word “want” to mean desire, want, or need. “Want” as used by Hazlitt in this time period means “lack of” or “without.” • Discussing how the rhetorical strategies affect the reader/audience rather than how they develop his position on money. • Speaking for Hazlitt or for the reader/audience. • Using first and second person • Organization (conclusions) • Discussing ONLY appeals

  5. Essay Strengths • Much more analysis this time! • Identifying rhetorical strategies or devices, although there is still some confusion about the difference between the two. • Stronger introductions • Using what you learned from Thank You for Arguing. However, decorum applies more to appearance and behavior, rather than written arguments.

  6. Rhetorical analysis format (handout) • Use the guide to revise your essay. Keep this packet; you will be allowed to use it on all of the future RA timed writings except for the final exam. Use the VERBS listed in the packet. Don’t say the author “talks about” money. Make sure none of the weak verbs show up in your writing. • Begin with SOAPS! Many, many people did not correctly interpret the essay. Read closely before you write! • Write a statement asserting Hazlitt’s position on money. Many people never clearly identified the writer’s position!

  7. Prewriting for Revision • Identify the three strongest strategies (i.e. organizational structure, combination of devices) he uses. HOW does he make his statement about money? • List the three. Then provide 2-3 examples quoted from the text. • After each example write a quick statement describing the STRATEGY: he uses (strategy) in order to…(develop pathos? Develop an angry tone? Clarify his position on money that…)

  8. Revision • Rewrite the intro following the example given in the packet. • Stick to the prompt: what is his position on money and HOW HE DEVELOPS his position. • Rewrite the body paragraphs. Organize chronologically. Make sure your statements are deeper than the obvious. Connect all strategies back to your claim about the author’s position. Use smooth transitions.

  9. Revision • Be sure to add a conclusion. You may summarize your essay, but try to leave the reader with something memorable, rather than repetitive. It can be short! DO NOT EVALUATE. The prompt does not ask for your opinion of the essay or what would have improved it. • DO NOT define terms. Who are the readers for an AP essay?

  10. Learning Goals! Reflect on both quarter goals please.