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Concert bands

Concert bands

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Concert bands

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  1. Concert bands By Caleb wright

  2. Why are concert bands called concert bands?

  3. When concert bands began they normally played in musicals and opera's whichs how they got the name concert bands. Concert bands have lots of different names here are some of them wind band, wind orchestra, wind symphony and wind ensemble . They called them concert bands to make sound different because back then there was a lot of marching bands and military bands. Concert bands can be called wind bands because when concert bands were started they only had wind instruments in them, like the trumpets , oboes ,clarinets, saxophones and trombones. As time went on the drums were added and the bassoon was added to keep the volume level . Now concert bands can have up to 200 people. Some instruments are optional like the piano, double bass, bass clarinet, clarinet in E flat, bass saxophone, soprano saxophone, English flute and harp it all depends on what the band plays.

  4. How did concert bands begin?

  5. The way concert bands began when the military bands were doing over time because of they were playing at royal places to play for opera and play for the military. It was to much for the military bands so they had to get a new type of band that could play for the royal places to play the opera. The military bands could play for the military. So the concert bands started and they much less than now. Concert bands reached the modern amount in 17th then there was a type of music called chamber music that was made exactly for concert bands. Now concert bands are normally hired to do music at festivals or community thing like Anzac day services and Christmas carols. Concert bands can still march but most of the time concert bands play sitting down. With the first concert band there was only eight people that need to be playing now more people have to play different parts because it can express the music a lot more.

  6. Which concert bands are the most famous?

  7. USA • The American Band, Providence, RI, conducted by Dr. Gene Pollart and Dr. Brian Cardany • The Philadelphia Wind Symphony, Philadelphia, PA, conducted by Dr. Virginia Allen • The South Jersey Area Wind Ensemble, Mainland, NJ, conducted by Keith Hodgson • Eau Claire Municipal Band, Eau Claire, WI, conducted by Brad Stoughton • Lesbian & Gay Big Apple Corps, New York, NY, conducted by Brian Worsdale • Municipal Band of Charlottesville, Inc., Charlottesville, VA, conducted by Stephen Layman • Salt Lake Symphonic Winds, UT, conducted by Dr. Thomas P. Rohrer • The Pacific Crest Wind Symphony, Portland, • United Kingdom • North Cheshire Wind Orchestra, Warrington, Cheshire, conducted by Catherine Tackley • Birmingham Symphonic Winds, Birmingham, conducted by Keith Allen • Nottingham Concert Band, Nottingham conducted by Robert Parker • Canada • Pacific Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Vancouver, Marc Crompton music director • Australia • North West Wind Ensemble, Sydney, James Brice, Musical Director • Sydney Wind Symphony, Sydney, John Buckley, Musical Director • New Zealand • Gisborne Youth Concert Band, conducted by Alex Nyman • Norway • Dragefjellets Musikkorps (Bergen Symphonic Band) • Sandvikens Ungdomskorps, Bergen, conducted by Tormod Flaten and Bjørn Breistein

  8. How does a concert band get gigs

  9. With concert bands there are different ways for each concert band to get gigs. So the band that I'm going to show the way how they get gigs is the Cardinia civic concert band. With Cardinia civic concert band its not the band that decides what the gigs going to be its the Cardinia that chooses were we play. So this is what sends the Cardinia civic concert band around the shire doing different concerts at different places. So that’s how the Cardinia civic concert band gets gigs. Other concert bands may have other ways but that’s how the Cardinia civic concert band gets gigs.

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