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Concert Tour

Concert Tour

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Concert Tour

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  1. Concert Tour General Music Mr. Yon

  2. Two part project • Group project – your group will create your own band and produce a concert tour book. • Personal project – you will create your own portfolio about this musical experience.

  3. Concert Tour • Create an imaginary music group of your choosing – rock, rap, hip-hop, country, reggae, pop, etc… • Name your group. • Plan a concert “theme” for your tour. For example: The 2003 “Roc the Mic” rap tour, Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” Tour, U2’s “Elevation” Tour, etc… • Prepare for a photo shoot. Group members will photographed together and separately for publicity materials. Decide what you will wear, how you will pose, etc… • Decide which 20 U.S. cities you will include on your tour. • Prepare a concert tour book with each member completing portions of the book.

  4. Tour Book Each group will put together a folder of the concert tour to include the following: • Title Page • Table of Contents • Concert Tour Itinerary • Mileage Chart • Concert Tour Map • State Fact Sheet • Tour Bus Design • Bumper Sticker Design • Concert T-shirt Design • CD Jewel Case Design • Superstar Fact Sheet (one for each member of group) • Perform Sheet

  5. Title Page This will include: • Title of concert tour • Name of band • Photo of band • Captions with band member names

  6. Table of Contents • This should be self-explanatory. • Title of each activity followed by page number. • Page 1 will be the page following the Table of Contents.

  7. Concert Tour Itinerary • Your band will be going on a 20-city U.S. concert tour. Where are you headed? • Decide on your itinerary. On this page you will need to include the cities, states and dates you will perform. • Things to consider: • Time of year and region you will visit. • Distance between cities. • Population of cities. • Demographics of cities.

  8. Mileage Chart • Since you will be traveling by bus for your concert tour, you will need to work out the mileage between concert cities. • In calculating distances, use interstate highways when possible. • Your band is new, so you need to save pennies where you can. Take into consideration that diesel fuel prices are nearly $4 a gallon.

  9. Concert Tour Map • On a blank map of the United States, you will map out your concert destinations.

  10. State Fact Sheet • You don’t want to present a concert in a state without knowing at least a little bit about that state. • You will be given a form to fill out for each state you visit. These forms include information such as population, size of state, main sources of income, climate, famous people from that state and points of interest. • You will need one of these pages for each different state you visit.

  11. Tour Bus Design • Besides transportation, a tour bus also provides advertising. • The bus itself can help promote your band. • On this page you will create you tour bus design. This can be a drawing, a collection of different photos, etc…

  12. Bumper Sticker Design • Remember how important advertising is for a band. • Design a bumper sticker to give (or sell) to your fans.

  13. T-Shirt Design • Another source of advertising is T-Shirts. • Even better, you can have people PAY for the privilege of advertising your group by buying T-shirts. • What’s going to go on your T-shirt?

  14. CD Jewel Case Design • Of course your band is going to produce a CD to sell at your concerts. • Come up with a good name for the CD, and design an attractive cover. • Don’t forget to list the song titles.

  15. Superstar Fact Sheet • A press kit generally includes important information about your tour. • It often includes other information, like interesting trivia about the members of the group. • There should be one sheet for each member of your band. • The fact sheet should include the following: • Real Name • Stage Name • Birthdate • Instrument(s) played • Favorite singer or band • Favorite food • Favorite color • Hobbies or special interests • Photo

  16. Perform sheet • Now it’s time for your band to perform for the class! • Are you going to do a “cover” (your own version) of a song first recorded by someone else? • Are you going to write an original piece? • Are you going to perform live, or are you going to perform on a CD? • Are you going to lip sync to someone else’s voice? • Plan your group’s performance and describe your plans on this sheet.

  17. Personal Portfolio • Fan Letter • “Crib” Design • Fashion Page • Write a Song • Music Research • Music Survey

  18. Fan Letter • Write a fan letter to your favorite musical artist or group. • Who will you write to? • What questions will you ask? • What comments will you make about the artist(s)? • What will you say about how the artist has influenced you?

  19. “Crib” Design • What will your fans see when MTV comes to show off you crib? • Describe your house and what you will have in your house.

  20. Fashion Page • The spectacle of seeing some of your favorite singers on stage is part of the excitement of watching a music video or attending a concert. • Star fashions can range from grunge to flashy. • What will you wear on stage? • Describe your costume on this page.

  21. Write a Song • Compose the lyrics to your next hit song. • Keep it CLEAN!!!!! • It can be any style song you choose.

  22. Music Research • Using the internet and other sources, such as popular magazines and books, find more information about your favorite artist. • Write a report using the following questions: • What is the stars real name, stage name, and is there a story behind the stage name? • What type of music does he/she write? • Describe the star; looks, fashion, etc… • Describe the star’s family life; married, children, siblings, etc… • What are the artist’s hobbies? • What instruments does the star play? • List some of the star’s hit songs. • What musicians influenced this artist? • Describe the artist’s musical history and how he/she got started. • Other information.

  23. Music Survey • Take a survey of some of your classmates. • Use the following questions: • What kinds of music do you enjoy? • Who are your favorite artists? • Do you enjoy the same kinds of music as your parents? • When and where do you listen to music? • Do you enjoy watching videos? Why/why not?

  24. Music Survey continued… • Do you feel music has an influence on society and American culture? In what ways? • How are you influenced by the music you listen to or the videos you watch? • Do you believe that today’s artists are positive role models? Give examples. • How do you feel about songs that have explicit or inappropriate lyrics? • Should songwriters always be allowed to say whatever they want? Explain. • What do you think are some of the advantages of being a superstar? • What do you think are some of the disadvantages of being a superstar?

  25. Proposal On your own paper, please discuss with your group and list the following information: • Names of the members in your group • Name of your band/group • Stage names for each member of band/group • Style of music your band/group will perform • Each member’s favorite band/group/artist • Five U.S. cities that your band/group will definitely visit.