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  2. Presentation Highlights • Co-curricular • What is FBLA? • FBLA’s Mission • FBLA’s Values • FBLA’s History • FBLA’s logo • Student Benefits • FBLA Facts • What do we do? • How do I join?

  3. What does Co-curricular mean? • FBLA is a co-curricular Career and Technical Student Organization(CTSO) that is part of every business program. • Purpose: To be an integral part of the program of study/class. FBLA is an important part of your curriculum. • Membership: Students who are currently enrolled in or have completed at least one Business course may become FBLA members. The school’s chapter must be chartered by the state and national FBLA organizations.

  4. What is FBLA? • FBLA stands for Future Business Leaders of America • Formed in 1942 to improve the education of students in business subjects areas • FBLA/PBL are international, co-curricular student organizations with over 235,000 student members in 46 states, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and the Mariana Islands. • Offers students the opportunity to develop their leadership and professional skills in preparation for a successful career in business and business-related fields

  5. FBL-PBL’s Mission Statement Our mission is to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development programs.

  6. FBLA-PBL’s PLEDGE I solemnly promise to uphold the aims and responsibilities of Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda and, as an active member, I shall strive to develop the qualities necessary in becoming a responsible business leader.

  7. FBLA’s History • The FBLA concept was developed in 1937 by Dr. Hamden L. Forkner of Columbia University. • The first high school FBLA chapter was chartered in Johnson City, Tennessee in 1942. • In 1958, the first PBL collegiate chapter was chartered in Iowa. • The FBLA Middle-level division began in 1994.

  8. Four divisions of FBLA-PBL • Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) for high school students • FBLA-Middle Level for junior high, middle and intermediate school students • Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) for postsecondary students, and • Professional Division for businesspeople, FBLA-PBL alumni, educators, and parents who wish to support the goals of the association

  9. Student Benefits • Speech and Presentation development • Career Understanding • Resume enhancement (College/Personal) • Professional/Business dress and etiquette • Fun! • Recognition • Leadership Skills • Team building • Knowledge & Skill Development • Scholarship Opportunities • Meeting new people • Personal Growth • Networking • Social Event & Activities

  10. FBLA Facts • FBLA-PBL has five regions: Eastern, Mountain Plains, North Central, Southern, and Western. • Florida is in the Southern Region. • The first FBLA chapter in Florida was Hillsborough High School. The first PBL chapter in Florida was the University of Tampa. Both chapters started in 1948. • Florida FBLA-PBL received its official state charter in 1951. • Jody Jones is the Florida FBLA-PBLState Adviser and Executive Director of the Florida FBLA-PBL Foundation. • Kaitlyn Bailey is the Florida FBLA President.

  11. What can I do in FBLA? • Unity Day and Community Service Projects, such as the March of Dimes (National FBLA Project) • Competitive Events including tests, performance events, and skills events • Social events & activities such as a pizza party, Bowling, etc. • Career and Leadership Field Trips such as USF and Rays Career Days, and DECA Officers’ Training & Leadership Day

  12. 2013-2014FBLA Activities & Conferences: • Unity Day • USF Career Day • FBLA Officers’ Training and Leadership Day at HCC • Florida FBLA Fall Leadership Training Conference (Orlando) • District FBLA Competition • Florida FBLA State Leadership Training Conference (Orlando) • Rays Career Day (St. Petersburg) • National FBLA Leadership Conference (Nashville, TN)

  13. Our FBLA Chapter: • See Mrs. Ficarrotta or Mrs. Bolstridge for more information about joining our Chapter.