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  1. Summer Safety TIPS

  2. Summer Safety Tips Ultraviolet Rays produced by the Sun, known as UVA & UVB, can cause problems to your skin and eyes if you don’t properly protect yourself. Clothing can offer some protection, but a sunscreen lotion with an SPF rating of 15 or higher should be used.

  3. Summer Safety Tips The best clothing to wear would be long-sleeve shirts, pants, hat, and sunglasses that block out those harmful rays. Sunscreen lotions should be reused after swimming or activities that would make you sweat. Don’t think that clouds are going to protect you, because the UVA & UVB rays can pass straight through them.

  4. Summer Safety Tips Insect spray or lotion can protect you from pesky bugs. The best kind to use contains an additive called “Deet.” Just like sunscreen lotion, you will need to reapply after swimming or exercising. It is not good to use scented soaps, perfumes, or hair sprays to protect yourself from bugs.

  5. Summer Safety Tips Avoid areas where bugs live. Clothing that is brightly colored or has flower prints will attract bugs to you. Spray your clothes with the insect spray so it does not get on your skin. Wash the spray off as soon as possible. If you get stung, you can remove the stinger by wiping the area with a card or your finger nail.

  6. Summer Safety Tips Summer heat can make you very sick if you’re not careful. Once you begin to feel thirsty, tired, and hotter than normal, you need to cool off quickly. If you start to feel bad - stop whatever you’re doing and sit down in the shade or an air conditioned area. Use ice bags or cold water to lower your body’s temperature.

  7. Summer Safety Tips You should always drink plenty of water or sport drinks during the heat of the day, especially if you are outside. If you’re participating in an activity outside, you should try to drink 16 - 20 ounces every hour. Remember: Don’t wait until you’re thirsty!

  8. Summer Safety Tips At Home√ Always lock your doors and windows√ Do not open the door √ Do not allow strangers into your home√ Offer to call if help is needed√ Never tell anyone you’re alone√ If you leave, let someone know

  9. Summer Safety Tips At HomeMake sure you have important telephone numbers written down and you know where they are.√ Parents’ work and mobile√ Fire√ Police√ Doctor√ Family or Close Friends

  10. Summer Safety Tips Out and AboutBecause you can’t always tell if a stranger is good or bad, follow these rules:√ Trust your instincts√ Know where safe places are√ Know who you can trust√ Never go near a strange car√ Don’t accept gifts, rides, or secrets

  11. Enjoy your summer by being Safe! Summer Safety TIPS