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  1. SUMMER Adonica Calpo

  2. Road Trip Some Things you need to pack: • PHONE & Charger- CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT YOUR PHONE and the phone’s not going to live without a charger • Food (duh)- snacks to eat on the way • Clothes- appropriate for the weather • Music and headphones • A pillow and a small blanket • Games • Camera • Money- You’re going to want to buy something (a lot of things)

  3. Beach Some things you could bring : • Flip Flops • Sunscreen • Towel • Swim Suit • Hat • Sunglasses • Books/Magazines • Folding chair • Games • FOOD

  4. Amusement & water Parks • In my Opinion going to Amusement and Water parks is the a great place to spend a sunny day! • What to bring: • Its good to bring just a pouch where you can just put a few things you would need • Camera (make sure its fully charged) • Phone • Money • Snacks and Water • Sunscreen • Umbrella • A light weight Jacket/ sweatshirt • Swim Gear (if its a water park- towel, swim suit, flip-flops, etc.) • What to wear: • Some comfortable shoes, some shorts, a cute top, some sunglasses, and maybe a hat. I recommend not wearing a skirt or a dress or some sandals or any expensive jewelry. Remember you’re not trying to look fancy, you want to be as comfortable as possible!

  5. Getting in shape • Do you ever feel like getting in shape but you have no motivation and you’re too lazy and you feel like it’s too much work? • Things that can motivate you: • Wearing cute clothes can inspire you to go work out • Imagine a slimmer, fitter you. • You look good wearing a bikini • You will feel more alive • Advice: • When working out, set a goal for yourself, then slowly work your way up • Sign Up for a membership at a local gym that you like to go to • Get at least 30 minutes of physical activity/exercise • Aerobic Exercises: Dancing, Bicycling, Tennis, Swimming, Hiking, Walking, Running • Avoid junk food and fatty foods (such as burgers, fries, chips, soda, etc.) • Go for a Daily Run/Jog- go get your music and just do it, you may also grab a friend • Going to gym isn’t for you, stay home! Do some yoga, Zumba and some anaerobic exercises:( ex. sit-ups, push-ups, etc.)

  6. Camping Going camping is a great outdoor adventure! Things you’ll need: • Tent and tools • Beddings (sleeping bags, warm blankets, pillows) • Cooking Supplies • Food and Drinks (Canned foods, chips, s-mores, hotdogs/burgers, sandwiches, lots of water) • Personal Hygiene care- such as soap, toothbrush, deodorant, shampoo, toiletries • Warm and appropriate clothing -you don’t want to be wearing heels (Rain gear, Thick coat, sweats, socks, hat, sweater, good tennis shoes, sunglasses, long sleeves) • Important Miscellaneous Items-batteries, compass/GPS, flashlight, first aid-kit, umbrella, phone charger, ropes, folding chairs, medications, bug repellant, etc. • Swim gear (If you plan to go out in the lake) • Entertainment- iPod/phone, board games, book/magazines, camera

  7. Learn how to play an instrument Learning how to play an instrument is hard work, determination and dedication. You would need a lot of practice and patience. Although, when you get really good at it, it gives you an amazing feeling, it makes you feel alive and free!

  8. Driving School Do you ever feel like you going to places and wish that you can already drive? Learning how to drive is a great way to spend some of your summer! It is better to do it when you’re not that busy and not have a lot of things going on. I think it would be easier if you take it as soon as you turn 15. Taking Drivers Ed seems really fun and plus you get to have your permit when you turn 16!

  9. Take Pictures If photography interests you, make a profile and start taking cool photos. Use any social media sites to share them, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, etc. One day you might even start your own business and become famous. (Warning I don’t know anything about photography but I just like to take pictures.)

  10. Make Videos If you love filming and editing videos, then you could just start making random videos and post them on YouTube. You can take cool and funny videos and post them, you can make advice videos, cooking videos, make singing/cover videos or even beauty videos. Just do anything that interest you. You might even become famous, I mean you never know!

  11. Summer Job Job Ideas: • Life Guard • Babysitting • Clothing stores • Fast Food Restaurants • Sports Instructor • Tutoring • Dog Walking

  12. Sign up for a class/lesson/camp Some things you can sign up for: • Hula • TAE-KWON-DO • Hip-hop • Ballet • Voice/singing • Swimming • Sports Camp (Cheer, Soccer, Baseball, etc.)

  13. CITY HANGOUT Some things you can do: • Eat out with your Family/ Friends • Go up the Space Needle • Go on the Great Ferris Wheel • Take Pictures • Eat out with your Family/ Friends • Go play in the arcade • Go to a fair • Go to a Museum • Go shopping

  14. Concerts

  15. Volunteer Why should you do Community Service? Here’s 10 Reasons why: • It’s good for you • It saves resources • You gain professional experience • It brings people together • It promotes personal growth and self esteem • Strengthens the community • You learn a lot • You get a chance to give back • Encourages civic responsibility • You get to make a difference!