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Summer Reading Summer Feeding PowerPoint Presentation
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Summer Reading Summer Feeding

Summer Reading Summer Feeding

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Summer Reading Summer Feeding

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  1. Summer Reading Summer Feeding

  2. What to do? 1. Contact your Food Service people in your local school system. 2. Tell them you would like to be a “site” for summer feeding. 3. When you meet with them have your dates and times so you can set up a schedule. 4. You will need to provide an area, a table maybe two, servers and various extras. 5. Servers such as pages, part time staff or anyone on your staff will work fine. They will need to be trained by the food staff at the schools. 6. Extras being gloves, plastic forks, napkins, straws…just in case you run out. 7. The only registration is for Summer Reading and I give the Food Service people a “ball park” number for the first time. I like to err on the more side than the “we don’t have enough” side!!

  3. Advertise!! We advertise the Summer Feeding along with Summer Reading. It is on all of our PR materials going out. We make signs for doors to tell them when we begin and end. By now everyone expects it and we get calls to ask what’s on the menu! The Grant County Public Library is once again partnering with the Grant County Summer Food Service to provide free meals to any child under 18 and it is $2.00 for adults. Join us on Tuesdays and Thursdays at noon for lunch!!

  4. What I like: I do like it that they don’t have to be “qualified” anyone is served. It is super convenient because they do deliver the food but I would agree to pick it up as well. Everyone is so nice and easy to work with in Food Services. We meet a lot of people that we normally wouldn’t, some have gotten cards and some attend programs. It’s a win/win situation!!

  5. We have never had a complaint!! That sounds silly but we have found people can complain about anything, even free stuff! But we haven’t, the public loves it, we love it and the Food Service has a air conditioned site with servers on site and they do a wonderful job! Cheryl Clemons Grant County Public Library