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Summer Reading

Summer Reading

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Summer Reading

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  1. Summer Reading Students at Six to Six Magnet School read for 20 minutes or more nightly…EVEN in the summer.

  2. Avoid Summer Slide… This kind of summer slide is not wet, wild, or fun – but a 100 year old learning-loss phenomenon that affects our students every summer!! All young people experience learning losses when they do not engage in educational activities during the summer.

  3. Summer Slide As President Barack Obama pointed out in his proclamation for National Summer Learning Day (July 9, 2009), “A child who takes long breaks from learning can face academic setbacks. This problem is especially prominent during the summer, when students may lose more than two months of progress."

  4. What you can do… • Set aside a time EACH day for your child to read for at least 20 minutes. • Alternate between: • Your child reading independently • Listening to your child read • Reading to your child

  5. What you can do… • Make sure your child fills out his/her reading log daily • Make sure your child completes other assigned summer reading work Students who bring back their completed reading logs in September will receive a certificate as well as a classroom celebration!

  6. What you can do… • Make sure your child has the opportunity to read books at his/her independent reading level (a list of suggested titles at your child’s independent level will be available on our website) • Figure out topics that your child will want to read about (include biography, informational texts, magazines, newspapers, blogs about interesting topics, etc.)

  7. How to find Summer Reading Lists… • Go to the Six to Six Website: (this is the CES website, click on the Six to Six tab) Click Here

  8. How to find Summer Reading Lists/Information Part 2 Click Here

  9. Find your child’s reading level… • Click the appropriate link to find a list of books at your child’s reading level. A-E F-L M-P Q-Z Click on Appropriate Link

  10. What you can do… Focus on communication • Encourage your child to discuss or write about books. • Encourage your child to keep a journal of favorite events/activities in the summer. • Talk to your child each day.

  11. What you can do… Keep a schedule • Continue daily routines during the summer with structure and limits. The key is keeping a balance and keeping kids engaged. • Play outside and limit TV and video games.

  12. Where can I get books? • Visit the library. Bridgeport, Trumbull, Fairfield, Stratford, and Monroe Libraries all offer free summer reading programs (visit your town library website for details) • Bridgeport and Trumbull libraries now have downloadable content on their websites so you can download books to read on your computer!!

  13. Thank you for your support … When parents and teachers work together a child has a team of adults who are committed to bringing out his or her best.