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Summer Reading

Summer Reading

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Summer Reading

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  1. Summer Reading Marketing tips, ideas, and more! Share your ideas and tips at:

  2. Marketing – why do it? • Create awareness – if no one knows about it, what’s the point? • Great opportunity to reach out to community, build relationships, and stress the importance of public libraries • This will allow you to have a solid foundation and support for future projects, causes, etc. • Chance to build awareness about the unique role the library plays in the community – highlight what you offer that folks can’t get anywhere else

  3. Three Easy Steps to Plan • Decide who you’re trying to reach • Create the message • Include relevant details • Use language your audience will understand • Does it need to be translated into more than one language? • Assess your resources and determine needs • What existing communication channels can you utilize? • Do you need to reach out to the community for assistance? If so, who do you reach out to?

  4. Get Organized • Create a marketing plan & schedule, by identifying: • The best vehicle(s) for getting the message out (library web site, schools, local radio or news stations, social media, community partner resources, etc.) • The kind of promotional materials you will use (fliers, graphics for web use, emails, posters, etc.) • When to get the message out and how often

  5. Implement & Follow Up • Implement marketing plan • Revisit and make adjustments as needed throughout the process • Evaluate marketing plan • What worked? • What didn’t? • Did we reach our goals? • Write down suggestions for next year

  6. Promoting @ your library • Poster/Flier contest • Have teens create posters/fliers to promote your SRP theme • Ask them to create their own interpretation of the theme • Hang up fliers around library • Hold a voting poll to determine winner • Winner receives a free book of their choice (or whatever the library sees fit)

  7. Promoting @ your library • Create a SRP table display • Have interested teens create a SRP display board • Place display in an area with high visibility and patron traffic • Create little “take home” postcards or fliers with info about your SRP

  8. Promoting @ your library • Website and Social Media • Create a banner promoting your SRP and place on library website • Create monthly reminders and announcements about your SRP events on your library website, twitter, and facebook • Create a schedule for these social media announcements to retain consistency • Create an online forum (or suggestion box in library) asking for event ideas teens would like in their SRP

  9. Promoting in your community • Proclamation • Contact your local elected official and ask him/her to make an announcement supporting SRPs • Press Release • Create a press release and send out to local schools, education centers, local government, etc • Post press release on library website • ALA has a great Media Relations Handbook that is helpful for planning public relation activities

  10. Promoting in your community • Public Service Announcement • Contact your local radio or news stations asking them to help promote SRPs • Social Media • Tweet local schools, government officials, etc and ask them to help promote TRW through tweets and retweets

  11. Promoting @ your local schools • Email local schools & ask them to promote SRPs • They can announce it on their intercom during their morning announcements • Send local schools digital files of fliers they can print out and put up around the school • Ask schools to promote SRPs @ libraries using their outdoor announcement display

  12. Promoting @ your local schools • Ask local teachers to offer incentives for attending SRPs. • Write book reports for extra credit • For example, one point for every 5, max of 3 points? • Teens could keep a blog logging the events they attend for extra credit • Post pictures, blog posts, etc

  13. SRP Resources YALSA Teen Summer Reading Programs Website YALSA Summer Reading Manual YALSA Free Webinar – Don’t Get Lost in Translation: Connect with Your Teens Through Summer Reading YALSA Summer Reading Wiki Collaborative Summer Library Program

  14. Marketing & PR Resources American Library Association Marketing Resources Wiki American Library Association PR Resources Wiki Public Relations Tools