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Summer readinG

Summer readinG

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Summer readinG

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  1. Summer readinG English Honors II

  2. Ask yourself… • What holds us together; what tears us apart? • How do people react in times of social upheaval? • How do people overcome adversity? • What can we do to actively make the world a better place, • especially for children?

  3. Educate yourself • Read • The Lord of the Flies • and • Long Way Gone • Or • Night

  4. William Golding The Lord of the Flies

  5. William Golding’s writing style • Straightforward writing style • Avoids highly poetic language • Lacks lengthy description, • No philosophical interludes • Allegorical in nature ( characters and objects in the novel are infused with symbolic significance)

  6. Subject Matter: The Lord of the Flies • Irresponsible and Irrational leadership • Fear and terror as a basis for coercion and gaining power • “Right” leadership and governance • Survival of the Fittest (Darwinism) • Anarchy and chaos • Civilization and savagery • Progressive corruption of society • Loss of Innocence • Betrayal • Prejudice • Morality/amorality • Peer pressure and mob mentality

  7. Key Literary Terms Symbol Motif • Any object, person, place or action that has both a meaning in itself and that stands for something larger than itself, such as an idea, belief or value Ex. The Scar as the Garden of Eden, spoiled •A recurring symbol or thematic element in an artistic or literary work EX. Dehumanization of mankind as represented by the boys’ decent into savagery as represented by the removal of clothing, the lack of consideration for Piggy’s name and all names, the lost child, the masks, the painted faces ect…

  8. Key Literary Terms Allusion Allegory • reference to some event, person, place, or artistic work EX. Allusions can be made to the Biblical stories of the Garden of Eden and the Fall of Man, Treasure Island (Robert Louis Stevenson), and Utopia (Sir Thomas Moore) • Allegory: a literary work that has a hidden meaning beneath the literal meaning: relies on symbolism to teach a lesson or explain an idea • Whereas a symbol is an single object/person that represents more than itself, an allegory is an entire story that represents a larger idea EX. Lord of the Flies can be seen as an allegory for modern morality- amoral, anarchistic, barely repressed savagery

  9. Ishmael beah Long Way Gone

  10. Ishmael Beah • At age 12, Beah fled attacking rebels when civil war overtook his village in Sierra Leone • Beah was forced to become a child soldier after months of running • He was rescued by UNICEF, adopted by an American woman • Graduated from Oberlin College in 2004 and continues to advocate against child soldiers

  11. Child Soldiers • More than a third of the world's child soldiers, about 120,000 out of 300,000, are from the government armed forces or armed opposition groups of Africa • The violence the child soldiers use is often caused by the influence of drugs and alcohol, but also from the abuse and the violence they see around. • Child soldiers are forced to do cruel and inhuman things that make them suffer psychologically and socially in life.

  12. Children at play

  13. child soldier of the The Revolutionary United Front, RUF, stands with his weapon on his shoulder in Freetown, Western Area province, Sierra Leone • How do child soldiers get recruited? • Some are abducted from their homes and forced to become soldiers • A village may be forced to provide a certain number of children as soldiers in exchange for staying safe from attack. • Some children are volunteered by their parents due to extreme poverty and hunger at home. • In some rare cases children volunteer to join the fight because of ideological reasons or to avenge the death of their family.

  14. Young people in war Night Elie Wiesel

  15. Night • Gritty account of the realties of what happens when society fall apart • World War II • The Holocaust

  16. Become aware of your world Child Suicide Mission Child Soldier, Afghanistan

  17. What Happens when the social fabric frays? Second Intefada Iraq War

  18. SUMMARY • Read the required two books • Respond to five questions per book • Respond to book one by July 11 • Respond to book two by August 1th • Upload to • Bring in a hard copy by the second day of school • 10% OF YOUR OVERALL GRADE IN FALL SEMESTER

  19. More information • WWW.MANTECAUSD.NET • • Click on DEPARTMENTS • Click on ENGLISH HONORS II SUMMER READING • Rubric is also available • Contact for questions June-July • Mrs. Taser will NOT be available in the 2 weeks prior to school starting due to vacation; do not procrastinate if you have questions