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Welcome to Sales Combat Welcome to Sales Attack Welcome to Sales STEPs Welcome to Sales Flow PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Sales Combat Welcome to Sales Attack Welcome to Sales STEPs Welcome to Sales Flow

Welcome to Sales Combat Welcome to Sales Attack Welcome to Sales STEPs Welcome to Sales Flow

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Welcome to Sales Combat Welcome to Sales Attack Welcome to Sales STEPs Welcome to Sales Flow

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  1. Welcome to Sales Combat Welcome to Sales Attack Welcome to Sales STEPs Welcome to Sales Flow Welcome to Sales Pump Welcome to Sales-Vive-Jam 2007

  2. Welcome to Sales-Vive-Jam 2007 Presented by Karen D. Woodard-Chavez

  3. Your True Role with Les Mills 1. Revenue 2. Relationships 3. Results 4. Retention 5. Referral 6. Revenue How does your reality compare?

  4. Sales Success Perspective Please answer with T or F Communicating your vast storehouse of product knowledge leads to a successful sale. When a PC says money is no object, one step of the selling cycle is in the bank. Sales pros live by the adage “get the order and get out”. Once you establish a PC’s primary need, go for the close. The Pro knows the job has been well done when remarks such as “that was the best presentation I have ever seen” have been made by the PC. An attentive prospect is a strong buying signal. You and the prospect paint a picture of his/her needs. If the sale begins to deteriorate, you should try to end the presentation and schedule another meeting with the PC. A positive prospect is the easiest to close. Setting up your lead management system is selling time activity. Qualify over the telephone so you don’t waste time. Sales Pros have a prospecting awareness. Being of service to your group of clients is a profitable part of your job. There is no difference between the sales person’s self and the sales person’s role. Proper planning insures successful outcomes. I know how many leads I need to create one sale. I know the length of my average sales cycle. I invest 16 hours each week in business development activities. On absolutely every sale I close, I actively pursue referrals with that client. I confer with other sales pros on lead generating strategies. I invest a consistent minimum of 2 hours each week in studying the industry. I have a consistent system to contact existing clients to offer new program solutions. I plan on hitting my monthly goal by the 25th of the month not the 30th.

  5. You are either moving forward or you are moving backward. You are never simply standing still.

  6. The Big Picture Les Mills and You • “Begin with the end in mind” • Map out the big picture • Component of your business plan • Break it down into the daily “do-ables” • The Income Plan • The Goal Exceeder

  7. Personal Income Plan for year of Annual Formula My projected/desired gross annual income for 20___ will be _________ The $ amount that will equal my base salary will be_________________ The $ amount I will earn in fees for service will be____________________ The # of clubs I will add to earn that gross fee for service is____________ (gross fees for service divided by average individual fee for service) The # of programs I will sell to earn that gross fee for service is ________ Breakdown The total # of clubs I need to add is equal to _________ per month which equals ___________ per week. (use 4.3 to determine per week average) The total number of programs I need to sell to existing clients is equal to _______ per month which is equal to __________per week.

  8. Formula to Exceed Goals Monthly Activity This formula is based on a closing ratio of 50% -- in other words, for every two presentations you give, one will produce a sale. 50% is used for simplicity. If you know your closing ratio, use that exact percentage to be more accurate. # of sales to hit goal = _________________________is 50% of # of presentations given = _____________________is 50% of # of appointments for presentations = _________ is 50% of # of contacts to make appointments =________is___% of # of leads to make contacts to hit goal =______________ # of contacts to make per day to hit goal =____________ (divide contacts needed to hit goal by total # of days working in the month) Remember, it's consistency in calling, follow up and referral work that will make the difference in consistently strong sales performance. Remember also that shortening your sales cycle cuts your work time down considerably and allows you to make more money faster.

  9. Don’t wait for your ship to come in… Swim out to it.

  10. Creating Your Success through Consistent(Daily)Prospecting • Swim out to your ship, don’t wait for it to come in” • How much time do we spend mining the gold? • If we don’t do it, we don’t get to create life changing fitness experiences, every time everywhere • Someone else will • Prospecting is like insurance… • What holds us back?

  11. Business Building Activities • Get out of the office and into the clubs. • One day per week, four clubs • Build the relationship • Schedule appointments to meet with key decision makers • Take their classes • Evaluate their classes • Evaluate their clubs • Provide value • Then schedule a sales call

  12. Group Exercise Profile Please complete and return via email by 12 December 2006. How many classes per week? Number of studios: Average attendance per class? Class format with consistently highest attendance is _________ and the number of attendees is consistently __________. Class format with worst attendance is ____________ and the number of attendees is __________. Total number of Members in club: Average number of visits: Average dues price per month: Average joining fee collected: Demographic breakdown of Members by gender and age: What is working very well with your group fitness program: What you like to change with your group fitness program:

  13. Business Building Activities • Get out of your head • Prospect for all the corporate fitness centers in the market that are not our traditional market • Prospect with hospitals that don’t have wellness centers for the public but have classes for their staff • Prospect with hotel facilities that offer classes

  14. Business Building Activities • Get out of your head • At trade shows/conferences, go to the management sessions. • Be with the managers/owners who are decision makers • Learn what they are learning • Introduce yourself individually • Invite to the booth

  15. Business Building Activities • At trade shows, make a goal of scheduling appointments with the people you want to speak with rather than wait for people to stop by the booth. • Plan your time and your success by scheduling appointments

  16. Business Building Activities • Utilize your relationships to create referrals • Find out who your new client would like to turn onto Les Mills • When the new client is launching their new program, invite other prospects to the event

  17. Current Client Referral Conversation (telephone) “Hey Susan, this is Karen Woodard with Les Mills – how is life at the club today? Hey, I have something I think you are really going to like. During the month of January, Les Mills is excited to offer a Referral Campaign to all of our existing clubs. Here is how it works – we know that most club operators have relationships with other club operators whether they be in town or in another town. And when you share with us who you would recommend, we will call them and let them know you suggested we call, and explore whether or not we are a good fit for them. If we are and they license our programs, you will get your very next month of program fees on us. Who would you like me to contact? Can I ask you to shoot off a call or an email to let them know I will be contacting them? Time is somewhat of the essence here as we are only offering this during the month of January. Thank you so much – I will give them a shout and keep you in the loop on what is happening. How are things going at the club?”

  18. Manage Your Business By Your Numbers

  19. 90 Day Prospecting Plan

  20. Brain Storms 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

  21. Welcome Back To the Sales Jammers! Let's Do It!

  22. Role Play Exercise

  23. Role Play Exercise

  24. Role Play Exercise

  25. Role Play Exercise

  26. Maximize Your Success on the Phone • Set your call goals • Calls in groups of 10 • Always end on a positive call • Know your stuff – visit their website, etc. before the call • Exude warmth, confidence and credibility • Speak clearly and slowly • Take notes while in conversation • Develop the conversation --listen • N _ _ _ _ • M_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ • U_ _ _ _ _ _ • Utilize your USP

  27. Maximize Your Phone Success • Understand the points of hesitation • Decision making ability • Time frame for purchase • Financial • Urgency • Other factors

  28. Maximize Your Phone Success • Tell me about your facility. • Tell me about your group exercise program. • What is working with the program? • What is not working with the program? • What 3 elements differentiate your program from your competitors and create market advantage? • What do you want to accomplish with the purchase of a Les Mills group ex. Solution? • What is your time frame for seeing a palpable change in the program? • What made you call us? • What other options are you researching at this time? • What is your budget for the program? • Where are you in your decision making process? • Is there anyone else who needs information on this decision? • Is there anyone else who we needs to be involved in this conversation? • Is there anything that would cause you to hesitate on making a change?

  29. Maximize Your Phone Follow Up Success • Schedule a phone meeting time • Utilize the 3 Round Call System • Be effective with your messages not efficient with your messages • Don’t spill your candy in the lobby • The “something interesting call”

  30. How to make the call… “Something Interesting” Call • starts positively • avoids objection • mystery/intrigue – leaves a reason for them to call back • schedule next action • Something interesting list “Hey There Bob; This is Karen with Les Mills. I have got something that I think you will find interesting. Call me – it is important that we speak by 6pm on Tuesday. Good-bye now.”

  31. Face to Face Selling • Be aware of the cold to sold continuum • Be clear about your intentions • Be prepare from your phone calls, be familiar • Be the gracious leader • Deliver constructive feedback kindly and directly • Make sure all necessary decision makers are present • Create urgency • Create value and differentiation

  32. Handle Concerns Immediately (?) • Not all concerns need to be handled when they come up but they do need to be handled before you leave. • It is alright to not close the sale right away. It is not alright to not know why the sale is not closing right away. • If you end a conversation or leave a meeting without closing a sale, always define and agree upon the next course of action.

  33. Graciously and Professionally Handling Concerns Listen to the concern Paraphrase: It sounds as though your main concern is___________. Isolate: Other than your concern about _______, is there anything else causing you to hesitate? Question Concern: Would it be OK if we took a few minutes to figure out how this could work for you? Offer Solution: Confirm Solution: How does that work for you? Ask for Business Again: Let’s do it – let’s get your program started today so you can see the results you described.

  34. Role Play Exercise

  35. Role Play Exercise

  36. Maximize Your Success with Trade Show Selling • Plan ahead -- schedule appointments • Plan ahead – what are your goals? • Whilst at the booth, do a brief N, M, U and POH with attendees to determine who is a qualified lead • Go to the management sessions as discussed earlier • Go to the receptions • Aces, Kings, Queens: pre-qualifiers for the booth • Avoid talking about your company – talk about theirs to build the relationship • Always follow up on trade show leads immediately and effectively

  37. Net Working Conversation “Hi – I am Karen Woodard with Les Mills and you are? How are you enjoying the show? What brought you to this show? Tell me about your facility. Tell me about what is going on in your market from a competitive perspective? How does your facility differentiate itself from the competition? How does your group exercise stand in your club compared to the other elements you offer? If there were anything that you would want to be different about your group exercise program, what would it be?” You will know whether this conversation is worth pursuing in a meeting form or simply inviting them to stop by the booth. If you invite them to stop by the booth, consider giving them whatever vehicle you are using to differentiate leads such as the A, K, Q. If you are interested in having a more focused meeting with them then invite them to do just that. Here is what both could sound like: “Susan, I have enjoyed visiting with you and I have to scoot to meet with some other people. I would like to invite you to visit our booth tomorrow between 12 and 5p. We have some possible solutions to some of the issues that you have raised. Bring this Queen card with you and we have a gift and a tool we would like to share with you.” Or “Susan, I have enjoyed visiting with you and I have to scoot to meet with some other people. You have raised some interesting issues and while we are both here, I would like to invite you to meet for 20 – 30 minutes and I would be happy to provide you with a complimentary evaluation of your programs and talk about whether or not LM could be a good match for some of the issues you have brought up. I have some time tomorrow morning and then again in the afternoon – which works better for you?”

  38. Self Assessment After participating in the program the past two days, it has become clear to me that the three areas of my performance in which I excel are: 1. 2. 3. Conversely, after participating the past two days, it has become clear that I need to work on the following three areas: 1. 2. 3. I will define my improvement in these areas when the following changes/results happen: 1. 2. 3.

  39. Self Assessment (cont.) My time frame for seeing these changes/results is: 1. 2. 3. I will commit to these results for myself and for LMNA by practicing and perfecting the following: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

  40. Thank you for participating in this session. We hope you found it to be helpful in giving you new ideas and tools to move forward. Please take a moment to complete the following evaluation to assist us in improving future programs. Thank you for your candid and honest feedback. How helpful was the information in today’s session in giving you tools to improve your performance? What did you enjoy most about the session? What did you enjoy least about the session? What should be changed about the session? What information will you put into use from this session first? Would you like your organization to bring Karen back? If so, what topics would you like her to present? Any other comments?

  41. Brain Storms 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.