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Human Development Pretest PowerPoint Presentation
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Human Development Pretest

Human Development Pretest

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Human Development Pretest

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  1. Human Development Pretest In terms of our geography unit, what does Human Development mean? What makes a country developed? What continent are most “undeveloped” countries found on? What continent are most “highly developed” countries found on? Give 2 reasons why some countries are highly developed, and some are not.

  2. Geography “Geography is not just about finding a place on a map, it’s also about understanding what we see when we get there.”

  3. Great Valley School DistrictMission Statement To ensure that every student is inspired and prepared to be a passionate lifelong learner and a productive invested participant in the local and global community.

  4. Bellwork 2/6/13: Complete the questions on any pictures you were unable to get yesterday 4-Very High 3-High 2-Medium 1-Low Based on the above scale, where would you rank this family in terms of Human Development? Give two pieces of evidence from the picture that support your ranking. What continent do you think these people live on? What country do you think these people live in?

  5. What is a Developed Nation? The Human development index includes 3 factors in evaluating countries by development. What are they?

  6. Human Development Index The Human Development Index (HDI) is an index used to rank countries by level of "human development", which usually also implies whether a country is developed, developing, or underdeveloped.

  7. HDI(3 parts) Life expectancy at birth Knowledge and education, as measured by the adult literacy rate and the combined primary, secondary, and tertiary gross enrollment ratio. Standard of living, as measured by gross domestic product per person(average yearly salary)

  8. World Statistics Very High(4): 1-47 High(3):48-94 Medium(2):95-141 Low(1):142-187 World Averages: HDI: .682 Literacy: 88/79% GDP: 12,000 Life: 68/72

  9. 2/22/10 Open and date notebooks: Why are some countries wealthy/poor? Why do we care?

  10. Reasons for high/low HDI • Unequal distribution of natural resources • Food • Minerals • Energy sources • Corruption in control of the resources • Dictators, Kings, Military Generals, and democratically elected Presidents will control resources differently. America benefits from a wealth of resources combined with leaders elected by the people to make sure our resources go to the right people

  11. Why do we care? • Compassion: • As a country we give more than any other country (100 million to Haiti) • As individuals we give more than any other country (112 million to Haiti) • Strategic: • The higher the HDI usually the more stable(democratic) the gov’t is and the less likely to support terrorism • The higher the HDI the more valuable of a trade partner the country is(expands our economy)

  12. HDI Project • 1. Choose a country(any country) • 2. Create a powerpoint which includes the following information • Map of country • Natural resources of country • Leader/Type of government • What is their HDI and country rank. • Reasons why their HDI is so high/so low • Any other important/unique information about your country • Last page should have source links(bibliography)