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St Paul St Stephen St Peter PowerPoint Presentation
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St Paul St Stephen St Peter

St Paul St Stephen St Peter

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St Paul St Stephen St Peter

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  1. St Paul St Stephen St Peter What did these 3 saints suffer for the sake of Christ ? What do you think made them willing to suffer like that ? Look up Acts 1:19-21

  2. “The Apostles felt happy because God had considered them worthy to suffer for the sake of Jesus.” Why would this attitude help Christianity to spread ? The Spread of Christianity To describe how the Church spread (L4) To explain who Constantine was (L4) To evaluate the importance of Constantine (L5)

  3. 100 A.D. (yrs after Jesus) there were 500,000 Christians200 A.D. there were 1 million Christians350 A.D. there were 10.5 million Christians How did Christianity spread in the first 100 years ? (the dark orange patches) Look up Acts 1:19-21 and summarise what it tells you What methods of transport do you think the first missionariesused? Draw 2 of them. **Do you think your answer in Q1 also explains why Christianity exploded to 10 million in the next 150yrs?

  4. Christians were persecuted & killed because Roman authorities: distrusted the way the Christians refused to worship Roman gods. Persecution: Slows Christianity spreading But then, in 325 AD, a man called Constantine became the first Christian Roman Emperor… 1. What does “persecution” means? Give an example of what you might not be allowed to do, and what punishment you might suffer if you did. 2. Why were Christians persecuted for the first 200 years ? ****What do you think happened when Constantine who was a Christian, became Roman Emperor ?

  5. Draw the cross that Constantine had painted on the shields and the words he heard “In this sign, you will conquer”. • XP are Greek letters that stand for Christus Rex – Christ is King.

  6. CHRISTUS REX • The Story of Constantine • 312 AD • The first Christian Roman Emperor… Stop vid 5:03 then restart at 7:30 • Copy out the sentence: “EmperorConstantine made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire.” • Explain how Constantine became a Christian, and a Roman Emperor.(saw/believed/Chi-Rho sign …defeated/Emperor Maxentius/ Battle Milvian Bridge) • 3. • ***Explain why having a Christian Emperor could help Christianity spread quickly across Europe

  7. Think of a word from this lesson beginning with the letters M P C E XP