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  2. RPA ChecklistSection A, Page 1, Position Information Item 1 including Target Grade, is found on Position Control Register (a position that is GS-11 targeted to GS-12, appears as GS-XXXX-11-12) and DM5 core doc (on cover page, Target Grade and History, “developmental to XXXX” and on the first content page of core doc under “primary purpose of position”) Item 2 seeminglynone currently at VAFB but requires additional research Item 3 drop down options--found on Position Control Register and DM5 core doc (cover page Career Field ID) Item 4 will be described in more detail later, recommend contacting your VAFB Staffing Specialist for advisory Item 5 is typically 1 Item 6 is typically No Item 7 is Yes only if the employee who previously held the position accepted a DoD position OCONUS* and signed a return rights agreement (*includes Alaska and Hawaii), recommend contacting your VAFB Staffing Specialist Item 8 optional but may be required for Direct Hire Authority (DHA) Item 9 optional—Selecting Official’s (SO’s) choice

  3. RPA ChecklistPage 2, Position Information (continued) Item 10 drop down options--only need to provide Not To Exceed (NTE) date and reason for positions that are not Permanent Permanent: appointment to a funded position that does not have time limitations. Term NTE: appointment to a position that is planned to exist for more than one year but less than four years and is of a project nature; employment will terminate upon completion of the project.Temporary: appointment to a position that is planned for a limited period of time with a specific NTE date of less than one year. Temporary Promotion: for a current employee. Non-competitive promotion to a vacant position cannot exceed 120 days. If position is vacant for longer than 120 days, same employee cannot be temporary promoted non-competitively, position must be competed (vacancy announcement, referral certificate, etc.) A different employee may be temporary promoted. Employee must be qualified and meet all requirements of the position. Employee receives pay at rate associated with the position to which he/she is temporary promoted. Detail: for a current employee. Assigning to a vacant position NTE 120 days. If position is a higher grade than employee’s no change in pay. Employee does not need to meet time-in-grade or experience requirements. Employee must meet educational, certification requirements as specified in OPM qualifications standards and on core doc. Pathways Program: Student employment positions (student, intern, and recent graduates’ positions

  4. RPA Checklist Page 2, Position Information (continued) Item 11 drop down options Please note 10a aligned under 11. Accuracy is important—travel requirements are specified in core doc (Other significant facts) and included the vacancy announcement. Item 12 Please contact your VAFB Staffing Specialist if you need assistance. Items 13 – 16 Offering an incentive and/or PCS is determined by organization’s management in conjunction with Wing CC. If not identified on RPA Checklist (and, subsequently, on the job vacancy announcement), incentive cannot be offered to selectee.Please contact your VAFB Staffing Specialist for advisories on incentive options and processes. Item 17 Any information specific and pertinent to the position (shift work, job share, etc.) and also, typically the statement: “Position does not exceed civilian pay and work-years.”

  5. Incentives • Recruitment: Monetary incentive (up to 25% of annual rate of basic pay) paid to a newly appointed or former federal employee (minimum 90 day break in service required) when position is difficult to fill. Requires service agreement; repayment penalty if agreement is not fulfilled. • Relocation: Monetary incentive (up to 25% of annual rate of basic pay) for current federal employee who is relocating to a different commuting area for a difficult to fill position. Employee must establish a residence in the new geographic area prior to receiving incentive payment. Requires service agreement with repayment penalty if agreement is not fulfilled. • Student Loan Repayment: Maximum of $10,000 for an employee in a calendar year and a lifetime total of not more than $60,000. Requires a 3 year (minimum) service agreement. • Prior Non-Federal Work Experience or Active Duty Service: Allows newly appointed or former federal employee (minimum 90 day break in service required) to earn service credit for prior non-federal work experience resulting in employee receiving enhanced leave accrual (in other words, employee’s leave SCD is adjusted). • Paid PCS: Typically only for positions that are Centrally Managed. If position is not Centrally Managed, Wing level approval is required.

  6. RPA Checklist Page 2, Item 18, Request for Recruitment/Referral • Please place a check mark in all applicable boxes • Expanded minimum AOC (Area of Consideration) • If the action is recruit/fill and position is NOT eligible for DHA, you must select Expanded minimum AOC. You may also want to consider adding: • -30% or more Disabled Veterans • -NAF Interchange • -EO 13473 • -Other • If the position is GS-11 or lower, you may want to consider VRA. • Internal (Permanent AF Civilians) is used only in specific circumstances. It is not an option for most recruit/fill requests. • If a position is identified as Direct Hire Authority (DHA) eligible, and SO/management declines to use DHA, recruitment is mandatorily restricted to Internal. • Any request to externally announce a position covered by DHA/EHA instead of submitting a by-name request must be approved by COCOM and MAJCOM A1s/J1s prior to submission to AFPC. • If an (in)encumbered (occupied) position has been upgraded as a result of a position review and has not been identified as a successor position, recruitment may be restricted to Internal.

  7. RPA Checklist Page 2, Item 18, Request for Recruitment/Referral (continued) External Hiring Sources DoD Transfer: An applicant who currently works for non-AF DoD component (Army, Navy, Defense Logistics Agency, etc.) who can, without a break in service of one full workday, move from a position within a DoD Component to different position in another DoD Component under the same appointing authority. Non-DoD Transfer: Applicant works for non-DoD agency (VA, OPM, Interior, etc.) and can, without a break in service of one full workday, move from a position in one agency to a position in another agency under the same appointing authority Prior Federal Civilian Employees (Reinstatement): Applicant who was formerly employed in federal competitive service and who is eligible for non-competitive reemployment. NAF Interchange: Recruitment is open to Non-Appropriated Fund employees who have worked for one continuous year under an appointment without time limitations. EO 13473: Allows non-competitive appointment of a spouse of a military member who is serving on active duty who has orders specifying a permanent change of station OR a spouse of a military member receiving 100% service connected disability received while on active duty OR a spouse of a service member killed while performing active duty. .

  8. We interrupt our regularly scheduled training (RPA Checklist) to introduce you to Direct Hire Authority (DHA), Schedule A, and Expedited Hiring Authority (EHA)

  9. DIRECT HIRE AUTHORITY (DHA) • DHA is an appointing (hiring) authority granted by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to agencies with Delegated Examining Authority (authorized under 5 U.S.C. 1104(a)(2)). DHA provides flexibility to recruit candidates for positions with severe shortage or critical hiring needs. • How Delegated Examining Authority is obtained: • --An agency with Delegated Examining Authority may submit a request to OPM for specific positions. • OR • --OPM may decide independently that a “severe shortage of candidates” or a “critical hiring need” exists for specific positions in some or all locations. OPM then issues authority either Government-wide or specific agencies and/or locations. • DHA allows agencies to fill competitive civil service jobs with: • Applicants from outside the Federal workforce, • Federal employees who do not have competitive service status, and/or • Federal employees with competitive service status.

  10. DIRECT HIRE AUTHORITY (DHA) continued • DHA expedites hiring by allowing a candidate to be selected without being rated and ranked. The candidate must still meet all occupational qualification requirements. • DHA allows candidates to be hired without applying veterans’ preference. (For non-DHA positions, a category rating process places applicants in one of two or more groups; applicants who have veterans’ preference are listed ahead of individuals who are not preference eligible.) • Public Notice is required: There must be an announcement on OPM’s USAJOBS website specifying the pay plan (such as GS or FWS [WG, WL, WS]), occupational series (such as 0301, 801), grade (such as 11, but typically the announcement will list a pay grade range (such as GS-07 through 12) and job title. Vandenberg AFB must be listed on the announcement. • AFPC Directorate of Personnel Operations (DP2) San Antonio office accomplishes public notices for AFPC-serviced positions. • The announcement may be posted as a “one-time” announcement and may not be on USAJOBS at the time that a position needs to be filled. • This process does not apply to Palace Acquire/ACWA (Central Salary Account) positions. • Candidates submit resumes via USAJOBS.

  11. DIRECT HIRE AUTHORITY (DHA) (continued) • Positions for which DHA can be used • Positions with Program Element Codes (PEC) indicating that the position supports a Major Range Test Facility Base (MRTFB). • PEC can be found on Unit Manning Document (UMD) and is part of the position build and can be found on the Position Control Register. • Medical Occupations: Diagnostic Radiologic Technician GS-0647, Medical Officer GS-0602, Nurse GS-0610, Practical Nurse GS-0620, Pharmacist GS-0660 (all grade levels) • Cyber—GS-2210 Information Technology Specialist • Options for appointing DHA candidates: • Selecting official identifies a qualified candidate to directly appoint. • Selecting official requests a list of candidates and/or resumes through myPers.

  12. Schedule A Hiring Authority • OPM Schedule A 213.3106 (b) (11) for Certain DoD Cyber Security Positions • Allows hiring for targeted positions based upon critical need or critical shortage. • Veterans’ preference applies. • Positions for which DHA can be used • Limited to 3,000 positions that require specialized cyber security skills • Security Specialist GS-0080, Telecommunications Specialist GS-0391, Computer Engineer GS-0854, Electronic Engineer GS-0855, Operations Research Analyst GS-1515, Computer Scientist GS-1550, Criminal Investigator GS-1811, Information Technology Specialist GS-2210 • GS-09 – GS-15 (or equivalent) • Positions are coded with Special Experience Identifiers (SEI) on UMD: • 264: IA Tech Level 2 • C0I: IA MgmtLevel 1 • C0J: IA MgmtLevel 2

  13. Schedule A Hiring Authority (continued) People with Disabilities Non-competitive appointment of persons with intellectual disabilities, severe physical disabilities, or psychiatric disabilities. The individual is required to provide documentation prior to receiving a job offer. Applies to the following occupational series: Auditing, GS-0511 Financial Management, GS-05XX Contracting/Small Business, GS-1120 Engineering, GS-08XX Information Technology, GS-2210 Life Cycle Logistics, GS-0346 Program Management, GS-1101 Management and Program Analysis, GS-0343 Science and Technology Management, GS-15XX Test and Evaluation (multiple series) The OPM Shared List of People With Disabilities is available at

  14. Expedited Hiring Authority (EHA) EHA allows agencies to appoint (hire) qualified individuals at mid-level and hire for specific occupations. EHA Acquisition: Positions which are included under 10 USC, Section 1721, the Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) in select career fields (refer to HQ AF/A1 Memo dated 13 SEP 2010, Section III). Applies to the following occupational series: Auditing GS-0511, Financial Management GS-05XX, Contracting/Small Business GS-1102, Information Technology, GS-2210, Life Cycle Logistics GS-0346, Program Management GS-0343, Science and Technology Management GS-15xx, Test and Evaluation (multiple series) EHA Medical: 38 occupations identified in the SAF/MR Memo dated 18 Oct 2012), at all grade levels. (List, slide # 23.) 3 Options for Obtaining EHA Candidates Selecting official identifies a qualified candidate to directly appoint; not required to review a list with preference eligibles. Selecting official requests assistance from the Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC) Talent Acquisitions & Accessions Team. If a candidate has not been identified and resumes are provided, veterans preference applies. Selecting official contacts VAFB Staffing Specialist to request a list of candidates and resumes via myPers. VAFB Staffing Specialist reviews the resumes, makes preliminary qualfications determinations. Veterans preference applies.

  15. AND NOW WE RETURN TO OUR REGULARLY SCHEDULED TRAINING: RPA Checklist Page 2, Item 18, Request for Recruitment/Referral, External Hiring Sources Special Authorities (Hiring/Appointment) • Veterans’ Recruitment Appointment (VRA): An eligible veteran can be at any grade level up to and including a GS-11 or equivalent. This is an excepted service appointment. After successfully completing 2 years, the employee may be converted to the competitive service. VRA can be used to fill temporary (not to exceed 1 year) or term (more than 1 year but not to exceed 4 years) positions; temp or term positions do not offer the employee the option for conversion to the competitive service after 2 years. An eligible vet is: • in receipt of a campaign badge for service during a war or in a campaign or expedition; OR • disabled, OR • in receipt of an Armed forces Service Medal for participation in a military operation, OR • recently separated (within the last 3 years), AND • separated under honorable conditions (honorable or general discharge). • Veterans Employment Opportunity Act of 1998, as amended (VEOA): May be used to fill permanent, competitive (not excepted) service positions. Allows veterans to apply to announcements that are only open to "status“ candidates (current competitive service employees). The veteran applicant must rate and rank among the best qualified when compared to current employee applicants in order to be considered for appointment. A veteran’s latest discharge must be issued under honorable conditions, AND the vet must be either: • a preference eligible (defined in title 5 U.S.C. 2108(3)), OR • a veteran who substantially completed 3 or more years of active service

  16. RPA Checklist Page 2, Item 18, Request for Recruitment/Referral, External Hiring Sources, Special Authorities (continued) • 30% or More Disabled Veteran: An eligible veteran may be non-competitively appointed to a permanent, temporary (not to exceed 1 year) or term (more than 1 year, but not more than 4 years) appointment in the competitive service. There is no grade level restriction. When using this authority to appoint on a permanent basis, the veteran is first placed on a time limited appointment of at least 60 days and then converted to a permanent appointment at management's discretion.When the authority is used for temporary or term appointments, the veteran will not be converted to a permanent appointment. An eligible vet is: • retired from active military service with a service-connected disability rating of 30% or more; OR • has a rating by the Department of Veterans Affairs showing a compensable service-connected disability of 30% or more. • ****The veteran must be fully qualified for the position. Qualifications determination is completed prior to Tentative Job Offer (TJO).****

  17. RPA Checklist Item 18, Request for Recruitment/Referral External Hiring Sources • Page 2 • Competitive Examining • Delegated Examining Office (DEO) also referred to as Delegated Examining Unit (DEU) can be requested only after 2 unsuccessful attempts to recruit/fill the position. An unsuccessful attempt is defined as no more than 2 applicants referred on each certificate OR if/when every person referred either declined or was unavailable. • Who may apply and be considered by DEO: • Applicants from outside the Federal workforce • Federal employees who do not have competitive status • Federal employees with competitive status • Eligibility requirement is US Citizenship • Special Examining Unit (SEU) is only for Air Reserve Technician (ART) positions. Currently, there are very limited ART positions at VAFB.

  18. RPA Checklist, pages 3 – 4 Item 18, Request for Recruitment/Referral • Excepted Service • Positions listed on the Checklist such as attorney and chaplain. Also Intel positions in the Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System (DCIPS) which are easily identified by the pay plan GG (as opposed to GS or FWS). • Pathways Program encompasses all student, intern, and recent graduates’ positions • Section B is for AFPC use only • Section C is required when establishing a new position or when maintenance of an existing position, but it is highly recommended that at least some of the information is entered: • Centrally managed affects, among other things, whether or not PCS is paid and this is included in the vacancy announcement. • Financial Statement requirement is also in included in the vacancy announcement. • Personal Reliability Program (PRP) positions are associated with weapons programs (nuclear, chemical, and/or biological) and require security, medical and psychological evaluation of applicants/selectees. • APDP coding affects qualifications determinations and/or training needs of selectee. • Cybersecurity coding provides an indication to Staffing that the position may be eligible for DHA.

  19. Filling a Position (Recruit/Fill, Temp Promotion, Detail, Reassignment, Change to Lower Grade [CLG]) Ensures RPA position data is correct, annotates Part D and checks accuracy of RPA Checklist Sections B and C and hierarchy. Routes to 5ZDPCS-BST VAFB Staffing Spec reviews RPA checklist and advises SO/management of options. Routes to AFPC. AFPC routes RPA through various teams prior to sending to AFPC Staffing team for job announcement.

  20. Filling a Position, continued VAFB Staffing: accomplishes all pre-employment requirements and notifies AFPC when selectee is ready for Firm Job Offer (FJO). After selectee receives FJO, VAFB Staffing coordinates in-processing and orientation, completes employee’s onboarding.

  21. Acronyms APDP: Acquisition Professional Development Program AFPC: Air Force Personnel Center AOC: Area of Consideration ART: Air Reserve Technician CLG: Change to Lower Grade DAWIA: Defense Acquisition Workforce DCIPS: Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System (GG) DM5: Indicates a PARIS core doc and number DEO: Delegated Examining Office/DEU: Delegated Examining Unit DHA: Direct Hire Authority EHA: Expedited Hire Authority EOD: Entry on Duty FJO: Firm Job Offer FWS: Federal Wage System GS: General Schedule MPCN: Manpower Control Number MRTFB: Major Range Test Facility Base NAF: Non-Appropriated Funds NOA: Nature of Action NTE: Not To Exceed

  22. Acronyms (continued) OCONUS: Outside of the Continental United States OPM: Office of Personnel Management PARIS: Personnel Automated Records Information System PCR: Position Control Register PCS: Permanent Change of Station PEC: Program Element Code PPP: Priority Placement Program PRP: Personal Reliability Program RPA: Request for Personnel Action SCD: Service Computation Date SEI: Special Experience Identifier SEU: Special Examining Unit SO: Selecting Official/Alt SO: Alternate Selecting Official TJO: Tentative Job Offer UMD: Unit Manning Document VEOA: Veterans Employment Opportunity Act of 1998 VRA: Veterans’ Recruitment Appointment

  23. DoD EHA Positions Medical (Health Care Shortage and/or Critical Occupation Needs) GS-0180 Psychologist GS-0181 Psychology Aid and Technician GS-0185 Social Worker GS-0186 Social Services Aid and Assistant GS-0601 General Health Science (Chiropractor) (Cytotechnologist) GS-0602* Medical Officer/Physician GS-0603 Physician Assistant GS-0610* Nurse GS-0620* Practical Nurse GS-0621 Nursing Assistant GS-0630 Dietician and Nutritionist GS-0631 Occupational Therapist GS-0633 Physical Therapist GS-0636 Rehabilitation Therapy Assistant GS-0640 EMT/Paramedic GS-0642 Nuclear Medicine Technician GS-0644 Medical Technologist GS-0645 Medical Technician GS-0647* Diagnostic Radiologic Technologist *GS-0602, GS-0610, GS-0620, GS-0647, and GS-0660 are also eligible under the OPM government-wide approved Direct Hire Authorities (DHA). GS-0648 Therapeutic Radiologic Technologist GS-0649 Medical Instrument Technician GS-0651 Respiratory Therapist GS-0660* Pharmacist GS-0661 Pharmacy Technician GS-0662 Optometrist GS-0665 Speech Pathologist and Audiologist GS-0667 Orthotist and Prosthetist GS-0668 Podiatrist GS-0669 Medical Records Administrator GS-0671 Health System Specialist GS-0675 Medical Records Technician GS-0680 Dental Officer/Dentist GS-0681 Dental Assistant (Expanded Functional Dental Auxiliary) GS-0682 Dental Hygienist GS-0683 Dental Laboratory Aid and Technician GS-0690 Industrial Hygienist GS-0701 Veterinarian GS-0858 Bioengineer and Biomedical Engineer