travel request in concur n.
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Travel Request in Concur PowerPoint Presentation
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Travel Request in Concur

Travel Request in Concur

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Travel Request in Concur

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  1. Travel Request in Concur Step 1: Go to and log in (the link is also on the HSS Travel Resource Page) Step 2: Select Request. Then select New Request.

  2. Request Header Step 3: Type your Request Header Keep Request Policy the same! Format: “Destination, Travel Dates” Step 4: Select Trip Type (Domestic, International, etc.) * The Speed Chart will be you default. Change if you are travelling with a different department. Step 5: Type Start & End Travel Dates Step 6: Type the Purpose of Trip (Conference Name)

  3. Segments Step 7: Add Segments by selecting the icons (Airfare, Rental Car, Hotel, Dining, Miscellaneous, & Pre-Paid Registration) *Pre-Paid Registration is where you provide information regarding registration & other expenses paid through ePro and/or P Card You will NOT have to attach any supporting documentation in Concur. However, your Chair may require it for their approval. Step 8: Click Save

  4. Allocating If you need to allocate your trip costs between 2 or more Speed Chart numbers, select Allocate on any segment

  5. Allocating Continued You can allocate by Amount or Percentage To add a new Speed Chart, select Add New Allocation To change the Speed Chart, search by Department or Speed Chart number (Text or Code) Click Save

  6. Approval Flow Step 9: Review your Approval Flow. If you have 2 Speed Chart numbers or more, make sure that each Speed Chart number’s approver is in your approval flow Clark, Ashlee Step 10: Add Ashlee Clark to your approval flow by clicking the up arrow beside the Manager Approval line. *Important- Add Ashlee Clark to your approval flow EVERYTIME you submit Step 11: Type “Clark, Ashlee” in the User-Added Approver line.

  7. Save Workflow & Submit Request Once you have added your approvers, click Save Workflow Click Submit Request once you have reviewed your Travel Request Clark, Ashlee • Your Travel Request should be fully approved BEFORE you begin booking your travel. • You will need to pull in your Travel Request when you submit your Expense Report in Concur

  8. Add Request to Expense Report When filling out your Report Header for your Travel Expense Report, click “Add” to add your fully approved Travel Request.