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Concur Travel and Expense Integration PowerPoint Presentation
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Concur Travel and Expense Integration

Concur Travel and Expense Integration

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Concur Travel and Expense Integration

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  1. Concur Travel and Expense Integration

  2. Travel and Expense Integration • This presentation shows the integration of Travel and Expense depicting the End to End Travel and Expense solution. • These slides can be used for training end users on the integrated solution. **NOTE: To view the URL links in this presentation from the normal view right click and open hyperlink and from the Slide Show or Reading view, click on link directly.

  3. The tool bar will include the “Home, Travel, Expense, and App Center” tabs. The default home page will be the “Home” tab. The Profile link is on the far right. Concur Home Page The task menu includes options to “Start a report,” “Upload receipts,” “View Trips,” “Available Expenses,” and “Open Reports”

  4. Create Your Expense Report After you make your travel reservation and the trip status changes to “Ticketed”, your airfare is ready to be expensed.If booked on the corporate card there will be a matching credit card charge in the expense tool. Your car and hotel will be ready to expense after your trip has been completed. In this example – the entire trip is ready to be expensed.

  5. Create Your Expense Report • There are multiple ways to begin your expense report. • The Expense Link in Upcoming Trips • The “Manage Expenses” Link • The “View Transactions” Link • The “Start a Report” Link on the Home Page

  6. 1. The “Expense this trip” link in Upcoming Trips section Locate the correct trip, then from “More” click on the Expense this trip link to begin your expense report. This is referred to as the “One-Click” option.

  7. 2. The Manage Expenses link from the Expense tab • Under the Expense tab select “Manage Expenses” • Select the boxes of the items you would like on your expense report • Select the box at the very top to select ALL items • Once the boxes are checked, click on the “Move” dropdown list to select a report

  8. 3. The available credit card charges in View Transactions • Under the Expense tab select “View Transactions” • Select the boxes of the credit card charges you would like on your expense report • Select the box at the very top to select ALL credit card charges • Once the boxes are checked, click on the “Add Selected” link

  9. 4. The expense link on the top toolbar • Click on “Create New Report” from the expense menu.

  10. You will be presented with the “Report Header” page.

  11. What are Smart Expenses? Smart Expenses provide a 360- degree view of an expense transaction, which allows you to quickly review expenses and create expense reports. The Concur Smart Expense feature requires the use of Concur Travel. A Smart Expense combines Trip Data from Concur Travel, Corporate card data, and E-receipt data from the vendor. If all three items match a Smart Expense is created. Additional information about smart expense, e-receipts and trip data can be found in this demo video.

  12. Icons on your expense report Credit card transactions Travel Itinerary that was pulled in from the reservation booked on the travel side E-Receipts that are received from participating vendors. For more information on working with e-receipts please view the following video. Working with e-receipts

  13. What does the Travel Itinerary look like? Click on the Air, Car or hotel travel itinerary icon to view the reservation details. This will include the airline ticket number and amount paid.

  14. Hotel Itemization For those hotels that participate in hotel folio the charge will automatically be itemized. Any red exceptions will need to be addressed before the expense report can be submitted.

  15. E-Receipts Sample Hotel E-Receipt

  16. E-Receipts Sample Car E-Receipt

  17. Complete your expense report You are now ready to review and submit your expense report Update your report’s expense types Address any exceptions that are flagged Attach any receipts that are required – if an E-Receipt is provided you will not have to attach additonal receipts Submit report Additional information about completing an expense report can be found in the following video. Submitting a report based on a completed trip.