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  1. DRAGON BOAT CHARLESTON Annual General Meeting January 8, 2013

  2. About Dragon Boat Charleston Goals and Objectives: To encourage healthy healing and healthy lifestyles through goal oriented exercise, good nutrition, education and fellowship To support the beneficial effects of physical activity in survivorship through research To provide a positive model for our community demonstrating courage, determination and team cooperation To advance the sport of dragon boating Mission Statement Promoting physical and mental wellness among cancer survivors and their community through dragon boating. 501(c)3 non-profit organization Volunteer based

  3. No Race Race No Race Race Excerpt from the Survivor Retreat, by C.Carter

  4. 2012 Board Members President Alice Turner Vice President Cindy Carter Treasurer Deborah Carson Secretary Louise Graff Community Liaison Hazel Huff Survivor Liaison Kelly Hood Member at large Boo Collins Member at large Graham Wade Member at large Jeff Hood Members Emeritus: Noreen Powers, Cindy Carter, Louise Graff, Sterling Hannah

  5. Membership Categories • Cancer Survivor Member– a member in good standing must have a signed waiver and membership agreement. • Community Supporter Member - a member in good standing must have 1) a signed waiver and membership agreement that includes a statement regarding the proportion of annual dues that goes toward the cancer survivor programs and expected volunteer activity 2) a record of payment of annual dues with the Organization (prorated and determined annually by the Board of Directors) and 3) verification of understanding of and support for the Organization’s purpose. • Free Trial Membership – must have a signed waiver and membership agreement; good for a total of five (5) practices; membership limited with no voting rights.

  6. Committees Safety-Equipment Financial Race Selection Special Events (DBC Festival and CCC Festival) Program Committee (works on recreational/fitness programs) Nominating

  7. Racing Teams Defined • CLUB-SPONSORED TEAMS • Team Selection Coordinated by Club Coach • Race Entry Fees Paid for by Club • Club provides coaching, steering and safety support • Team Captain identified to assist with team coordination • MEMBER-ORGANIZED TEAMS • Team Selection by Club Members • Race Entry Fees Paid for by Club Member • Club provides boats and safety equipment, all other organized by members. • Coordinate practice schedules with on the water coordinator

  8. 2012 Year In Review • DBC provided on-the-water practices for cancer survivors and their community at least six times per week from mid-March to the end of December. • Held the inaugural Carolina Celebration Cup Festival, including six cancer survivor teams from the Carolinas. Provided a full day of racing and celebration for survivors and their families at no cost to participants. • Offered an 8-week yoga course in the off-season and Yoga at the Dock, a 6-week yoga program over the summer months. Open & free to all DBC cancer survivors. • Quarterly, provided Food for Life, a nutrition program by a Certified Wellness Specialist to all cancer survivors free of charge. • Sent the first all-cancer-survivor team to Portland, Oregon to participate in the Portland Dragon Boat Festival. • Sent 11 teams to Washington DC, Lake Lure, Portland, Sarasota, and Orlando for dragon boat festivals.

  9. 2012 Year In Review (con’t) • A team paddled 23.3 miles from Summerville to Charleston for an endurance challenge. • Participated in the Patriot’s Challenge. • Held two sessions of a new 8-week Outreach Initiative for cancer survivors. The team of 22 new cancer survivors paddle together weekly for 8-weeks and then compete as a team in the Dragon Boat Charleston Festival in May or the Carolina Celebration Cup in September. • Provided several support and social programs for cancer survivors, including a spring picnic, fun paddles, and team dinners. • Provided shag-dance lessons for all cancer survivors at the end of 2012 and will be offering 8-weeks of cross-fit and yoga for all survivors. • Purchased an OC-2 for one-on-one technique training and individualized workouts.

  10. 2012 Racing Season 2012 BlingTally DC: BCS Team – GOLD Lake Lure: BCS Team – GOLD Women’s A – GOLD Women’s B - BRONZE Portland: Survivor team – GOLD
 Cancer Survivor Division Sarasota: Sr. A Women - GOLD 1,000m, 500m, & 200m Mixed Team - GOLD 1,000m, 500m, & 200m BCS Team - SILVER 2,000m & 500m - GOLD 1,000m & 200m • 5 Club-sponsored race festivals • DC • Lake Lure • Portland • Orlando • Sarasota

  11. Survivor Outreach Initiative Objective: Provide basic introduction to dragon boating within the context of an all-novice, peer survivor team. Method: Informational/educational orientation 8 paddling sessions (1x/week) Includes: Pre-post questionnaire Competition at conclusion

  12. 2012 Accomplishments: 2 rounds completed (Spring, Summer) N=38 Age range: 26 – 77y, Ave = 55y Gender: Men = 5, Women = 33 2013 Goals: Recruit an all-MALE survivor round Increase targeted marking aimed at broadening diversity

  13. 2012 Wellness Program • January/February/Summer Yoga sessions • Quarterly Food 4 Life education sessions • Spring / Fall Dragon Boat paddling Outreach Initiative coordinated by Sterling Hannah and coached by Cindy Carter. • Off season shag dancing, yoga and cross-fit in 2013. All survivor wellness/outreach is funded by donations to Charleston Dragon Boat Festival

  14. Communication • Dragon Tales Newsletter Thank you Debbie Carson, Patty Byrne, Michele Adelesonand all who have contributed. • New WebsiteUp and running in 2013 • List-serv e-blasts

  15. Safety and Equipment • Replaced the “SS Sputter” with new safety boat • New double boat trailer delivered this year • Hong Kong funds allocated to purchase new 10-person BUK to be delivered in April. • Brenda Cawley Fund purchased new pink BUK to be delivered in April. • Purchased an OC-2 for time trials and one-on-one training.

  16. 2012 Year in Review • Challenges • Infrastructure to meet growing membership • Shortage in steerspersons • Offering both a strong fitness/recreational program, as well as strong racing program.

  17. Moving Forward • Changes for 2013 • New Board of Director Members • New structure for racing and fitness programs • Off-season shag dancing, yoga and cross-fit • New Athletic Director

  18. Dragon Boat Charleston Organization • Board of Directors (non-profit) • Mission / Purpose / Governance • Hire/Fire Top Personnel • Financial & Asset oversight • Planning / Process oversight • Legal / Ethical Integrity • Public Standing / Competency • EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR • DBC Festival and fundraising • Finances • Carolina Celebration Cup • PR and media • Communications –website, etc. • ATHLETIC DIRECTOR • Coaches • Steersman • Performance program • Fitness/recreational program • Chase boat management • Safety management • Race coordination

  19. DBC Paddling Structure

  20. Athletic Director • Jennifer Worthington, • Primary contact for all : • On-the-Water activities/questions • Fitness-related activities/questions • Responsibilities • Will provide administration, direction, leadership and oversight for all racing, fitness and recreational programs at DBC • Will be charged with creating mission-driven structures and programs that provide on-the-water activities for all members of DBC

  21. 2012Income & Expenses $270,179 $237,692

  22. 2012Income & Expenses $270,179 $237,692

  23. 2013 Proposed Budget $226,400 $226,140

  24. Expenses Comparison 2013 Proposed Budget • Major Differences • Payroll: New AD (+) • Races: No Portland (-) • Operations: No new website (-) • Equipment: No major purchases planned (-)

  25. Marketing-Fundraising • DBC Festival is largest fundraising program for the organization • Corporate Wellness/Team Building to be launched in 2013. • New foundation grants to be worked on in 2013. • Dragon Boat Charleston is a 501(c)(3) not for profit program and must abide by IRS laws regarding distribution of donations.

  26. Charleston Dragon Boat Festival • Date: May 4, 2013 • Practice Weeks: April 22 – May 2 • DBC Cancer Survivor Teams WILL participate • Focus is on FUNDRAISING • Committees • New awesome website

  27. 2013 DBC Board Election