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Professional Development Plan

Professional Development Plan . Rachel Zimmerman. Personal Goals. 1 year 3 years. I will engage in at least 45 minutes of cardiovascular exercise 4 days per week in order to maintain a healthy weight and manage stress.

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Professional Development Plan

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  1. Professional Development Plan Rachel Zimmerman

  2. Personal Goals 1 year 3 years I will engage in at least 45 minutes of cardiovascular exercise 4 days per week in order to maintain a healthy weight and manage stress. Socialize with members of my occupational therapy cohort outside the classroom setting in order to develop new friendships and engage in a social life. • Have a child in order to begin fulfilling my long term goal of having my own family. • I will travel to Israel to renew my sense of spirituality and religious affiliation.

  3. Personal Goals 5 years 10 years Have at least one more child in order to expand my family and ensure my children grow up with siblings close in age. Buy a house in the Los Angeles area in order to move closer to family and provide a sense of stability. Complete paying the remaining balance on my student loans in order to achieve peace of mind regarding financial obligations. Educate my children about Jewish culture and religion in order to promote their sense of religious identity.

  4. Career Goals 1 year 3 years Decide which area of Level II Fieldwork I will work in so that I can gain experiences in the occupational therapy field I will pursue after graduation. Volunteer or become involved in hand therapy settings in order to make connections with hand therapists in the Las Vegas area. Complete my first year as an occupational therapist in a hand therapy clinic in order to gain my first professional experiences. Work per diem hours in a setting that differs from my full-time job, such as stroke rehabilitation, in order to cultivate experiences in various types of occupational therapy fields.

  5. Career Goals 5 years 10 years I will begin to consider a specialty within occupational therapy. For example, if I choose a hand therapy specialty I will need to ensure I document 4,000 hours of work in the field. Apply to 5 occupational therapy jobs in the Los Angeles area in order to transition to a new city. Develop plans for opening my own hand therapy clinic in order to gain independence in my career. Achieve success in my clinic so that I can hire additional occupational therapists. This will allow me to work fewer hours and spend more time with my family.

  6. Recreational Goals 1 year 3 years Learn five new desert recipes in order to expand my baking repertoire and improve my knowledge of baking techniques. I will host Thanksgiving dinner in order to start new traditions with my family and friends. Travel to Vermont in the winter time to visit a state I have only admired in pictures thus far. This will also serve as a trip to look forward to following graduation. Train for a half marathon in order to increase cardiovascular endurance.

  7. Recreational Goals 5 years 10 years Learn to crochet in order to make gifts for friends, such as baby blankets or winter hats. This will provide a way to give inexpensive yet meaningful gifts. Learn how to create flower arrangements to promote my sense of creativity. I will take Thai cooking classes in order to learn how to make foods with new flavor profiles. Learning new ways to prepare food will encourage exciting ways to eat healthily. Take surfing lessons to develop a new skill and foster a sense of adventure.

  8. Educational Goals 1 year 3 years Choose interesting classes to fulfill my continuing education units and further my occupational therapy knowledge beyond the graduate school setting. Begin steps to obtain a specialty within occupational therapy, such as hand therapy. Considering specialties will encourage more specific ways to be engaged in my career. I will complete the first year of graduate school with mostly A grades. This goal will enhance my motivation to improve study habits. Become involved in at least two clubs or committees at Touro University as a way to connect with fellow students in various academic programs.

  9. Educational Goals 5 years 10 years Complete requirements for obtaining a specialty certification. For example, I would complete 4,000 hours working in a hand therapy setting in order to take the certification exam. Earning a specialty will allow me to further my knowledge in a particular field. Attend AOTA’s Annual Conference and Expo in order to take various classes that will renew my interest in occupational therapy. • Take management classes as preparation for opening my own clinic. These classes will expand my knowledge of the business side of occupational therapy. • Serve as a fieldwork instructor for graduate students in order to challenge my ability to teach others about occupational therapy. Teaching others can be a way to learn new things about myself and the profession.

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