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Accelerator activities

Accelerator activities

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Accelerator activities

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  1. Accelerator activities Brian Foster (Uni Hamburg/DESY)

  2. ILC Machine Overview Polarised electron source Damping Rings Ring to Main Linac (RTML) (inc. bunch compressors) e+ Main Linac Beam Delivery System (BDS) & physics detectors Beam dump Polarised positronsource e- Main Linac not to scale

  3. European XFEL @ DESY • Largest deployment of this technology to date • 100 cryomodules • 800 cavities • 17.5 GeV ~25 MV/m As of 11.09.2013 Num. of cavities: Vendor1 - 23 Vendor2 - 56 The ultimate ‘integrated systems test’ for ILC. Commissioning with beam 2nd half 2015

  4. “ILC” Cryomodule @ Saclay

  5. Japanese Sites for ILC • LCC Directorate official site visit next week.

  6. European activities • BF has visited European funding agencies – Italy, Germany, UK – to discuss ILC and involvement over the next few years. • BF & E. Elsen visited Brussels on 13.9 to brief them on ILC status and enquire about possible H2020 funding. Very useful meeting. • BF attended annual CERN/EU meeting at CERN on 25.9. Attended by R-J Smit, DG of Directorate Research at EC. • ILC was explicit item on Agenda, given priority even though R-JS was 1 hour delayed. He and colleagues had been briefed after 13.9. • BF described current situation and R-JS responded at length. Discussion was animated. EC is clearly interested in ILC and wishes to follow closely. Agreement to set up “group of 4” – BF, SS + 2 from DGXII – to maintain close contact over ILC. Meeting suggested 12.13 – awaiting DGXII response.

  7. European activities • N. Walker et al. have drawn up draft indication of how Europe could get involved in site-specific work for next few years prior to project approval.

  8. European activities • Notional breakdown of a request to EU • Under active discussion in LCC. Meeting for further development in January in DESY.

  9. Saclay “couturier” proposal

  10. European capabilities (Slides thanks to SteinarStapnes) Three main strong points: • ILC participation (back to Tesla) • XFEL and industrial base linked to it • CLIC and combined CLIC/ILC activities Make use of these …. “Obvious model” to consider: • Keep capabilities to build and deliver cryomodules (natural lead DESY and CEA, but also INFN expertise) • Focus on a couple of other system where Europe have expertise, scientific/technical capabilities (BDS system linked to participation in ATF, possibly damping rings, … ) BDS sticks out due to significant communities in UK, Spain, France, CERN, … Next years – possibly related to EU supported activities: • Develop these two branches, with EU support if possible • Would naturally form two main technical development branches where most of the European ILC community could participate, with European industry partners • Put together a modest team, distributed across mains labs with limited material budget, focusing on the key areas above (would also put in place a European structure, and support key existing activities linked to cryomodules and BDS/ATF in particular)

  11. As a matrix…

  12. Summary • We have lots of expertise in Europe and even some substantial effort devoted to ILC. There is much more effort currently devoted to CLIC, some of which is relevant for ILC. • Currently there is insufficient funds and people available to do the jobs that should be done now – site-specific design, optimising production models, etc. . • ILC is visible to EC and there is interest. H2020 is a possible source of effort to leverage European expertise. • Much to do to hammer out a coherent accelerator activity that optimises European interests and expertise and to find the necessary matching effort/funds. • Strategically, how do we play this? Separate machine/detector bids at separate times? A subset of detector/accelerator topics labelled as e.g. “site specific”? A grand all-encompassing proposal? All needs to be discussed.

  13. Invitation • I mentioned a meeting in January to discuss the future R&D for the machine. Thisis in conjunction with aSymposium organised byDESY on January 13thto celebrate my continued journey towards senility: • You are all cordiallyinvited!