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Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography

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Portrait Photography

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  1. Portrait Photography Take notes in your sketchbook!

  2. What is a portrait?? • A portrait is a painting, photograph, sculpture, or other artistic representation of a person, in which the face and its expression is predominant. The intent is to display the likeness, personality, and even the mood of the person. For this reason, in photography a portrait is generally not a snapshot, but a composed image of a person in a still position. A portrait often shows a person looking directly at the painter or photographer, in order to most successfully engage the subject with the viewer.

  3. Types of Portrait Photography • Environmental- the background tells a story • Basic- great lighting, eye contact, composition, basic background • Cropped- the subject’s face is cropped to help enhance the photo or the photo’s meaning

  4. What do I need to keep in mind when taking portraits? • Light on the subject- side lighting is usually best- you never want the light in their eyes • Shadow- you do not want harsh shadows on the subject’s face • Composition- think “rule of thirds” • Background- are you taking an environment portrait? Will you be working with depth of field for a blurry background?

  5. Who is a good Environment Portrait Artist?? • Mark Hancock •

  6. Examples of portrait photographs: • •

  7. Homework • Due: 1 week from today • Assignments: #1 Take a basic portrait of someone outside: you must rearrange them and shoot at least 5 times.. I want to see the light on different sides of them, shadows played with or moved, etc. *Do this to 2 different people for a total of 10 photos #2 Take an environmental portrait of someone: this portrait needs to be shot at least 5 different ways and the background must say something about the person.. Example: If you were taking one of an artist, you would shoot them in their art studio, etc. **You will have NO LESS THAN 15 portrait photos on the due date; more than 15 is great!!