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Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography

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Portrait Photography

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  1. Portrait Photography Photo I

  2. What is Portrait Photography? • is photography of a person or group of people that displays the expression, personality, and mood of the subject. Like other types of portraiture the focus of the photograph is usually the person's face, although the entire body and the background or context may be included.

  3. Important Elements of Portrait Photography • Location- Professional portrait photographers have a studio where they work out of. This lets the photographer control what is in the background. (You will be using an area of the room to create the background you want) • Lighting- It is important in Portrait Photography to use good lighting to highlight the subjects’ face. (We have lights that you may use)

  4. Subject- For our assignment, I want you to photograph the subject (person) with a background. It is important to show a feeling or expression to make the photograph more interesting. You can use face paint or any other props to make the photographs more interesting.

  5. Planning • You will break off with a partner and brainstorm ideas for your photo shoot. You will switch with each other to model. • I want you to list in your notebook what you want to use and how you want to set up your photo. (this should only take 5-10 minutes) • As a group you will break off and find a spot to create your background. (If someone is using the fabric you want, you can wait until they are done to use it) (this should take 5 minutes)

  6. You will set up your subject (person) with a light against the background. (If all of the lights are being used you need to wait patiently, think of different expressions you can come up with) • You will take turns photographing your subject (this should take 15-20 minutes) • Clean –up (this should take 5-10 minutes) • Up load photos to photo I folder • Answer following questions in notebook (we will go over these questions and answers on Friday as a class)

  7. Questions to answer for Friday • What was successful in your photo shoot? • What didn’t work in your photo shoot? • How did you use light in your photos to make the subject more interesting? • How did the expressions you used, make for a more interesting photograph? • How can you use what you have learned in other areas of your life?