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Portrait Photography PowerPoint Presentation
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Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography

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Portrait Photography

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  1. Portrait Photography With a single image, the power of photography can open eyes, hearts and minds—This photo is recognized as the most famous portrait.Steve McCurry “Afghan Girl” December 1984

  2. Alfred Stieglitz, “GerogiaOkeefe”

  3. Dorthea Lange(1895-1965)“The Migrant Mother”Photographed migrant workers in the great depression.

  4. Annie Leibovitz (1949-Present). Annie Leibovitz is one the most famous portrait photographers alive today. She developed her trademark use of bold colors and poses while working at Rolling Stone.

  5. 4 Common Types of Portraits • Environmental- Captures a person in a place or setting. Shows what they do. • Candid- Captures the person going about everyday activities. Subject doesn’t even know you are there at times. • Formal- Emphasizes the person and nothing else. • Self-Portraits- Yes…SELFIES! You are experts these days!!!!

  6. Digital Photography School- How to Take Stunning Portraits- 1. Alter Your Perspective- Get down low or up high! 2. Play with Eye Contact-This effects the connection between your viewer and the subject. A. Looking off camera- “The Gaze” B. Looking within the frame- Forms a connection. 3. Break the Rules of Composition- BE CREATIVE! 4. Experiment with Lighting- A. Direct- Strong lighting effect- the greatest contrast-and the most dramatic!! B. Indirect- More diffused creates oft tones. C. Indoor- Use a reflector, set proper white balance and speed of film. D. Outdoors- Cloudy days are best, sun is less harsh on subjects.

  7. Move Your Subject Out of their Comfort Zone- Have fun! Shoot Candidly- This will make subject more relaxed. 7. Introduce a Prop-makes photo more personal Focus on One Body Part and Get Close Up- This is most effective. Obscure Part of your Subject- This will intrigue viewers. 10. Take a Series of Shots- You can use the best one!

  8. “True Friendship”

  9. ”Crazy Friends”

  10. “Diversity, It’s All Good”

  11. “Cherish the Moment”

  12. Public Art and Photography!What is Public Art?Where does the money come from?Who can get the money?NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF YOUTH!!

  13. Meet the Artist - Wing Young Huie

  14. “Life House Youth Center”

  15. Wing Young Huie- Homeless Voices

  16. Nancy Ann Coyne- Speaking of Home Nancy enlarged portraits of Twin Cities immigrants placed them on a 150 ft. long public art display in Minneapolis. Located at one of the city’s glass-and-steel skyways. It became an “architectural light box”, showcasing the Twin Cities’ diverse population.

  17. Speaking of Home- August 4, 2008 through October 31, 2008

  18. Nancy Ann Coyne- Archiving Memory, 2005Nancy Ann Coyne Public Art

  19. What will you come up with for Public Art to be displayed in Worthington??What will be your message?How will you create your work?How will you present it to an audience?The Artist Statement….YOUR PERSONAL VOICE!

  20. Additional Supportive Websites: