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Lean Construction Management by DS Consulting & schockguyan PowerPoint Presentation
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Lean Construction Management by DS Consulting & schockguyan

Lean Construction Management by DS Consulting & schockguyan

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Lean Construction Management by DS Consulting & schockguyan

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  1. Lean Construction Management by DS Consulting & schockguyan Patrick Theis, Birgitta Schock, June 28 2012

  2. DS Consulting: Member of Drees & SommerProject Management combined with Lean Management expertise • Member of the Drees & Sommer Group • founded in 1970 • 33 locations worldwide • 1,350 employees • 150.5 M. € turnover (2011) • Services provided: • Project Management • Engineering • Real Estate Consulting • Process Consulting: • Strategy & Organization • Lean Management • Workplace Consulting • Lean Construction Drees & Sommer Group regional offices Projects handled by theDrees & Sommer Group

  3. Wide background of project types and scalesConstruction Process Consulting: Our core competence • Process Consulting in construction business • Portfolio range: • 3 M. € office renovation works to 1 B. € (petro-) chemical factory construction Headquarter TRUMPF Stuttgart, Germany Renovation works 3 M. € construction costs German State Opera Berlin, Germany Renovation/New erection 240 M. € construction costs European Central Bank Frankfurt, Germany Skyscraper new erection 500 M. € construction costs Linde KCA factory Kazakhstan, GUS (petro-) chemical factory 1 B. € construction costs

  4. Our fields and focus: your benefitThe LCM methods are applicable to any project area • The DS Consulting LCM methods are applicable to: • planning • construction • logistics • The DS Consulting LCM approach focuses on: • visualization • simplification • transparency

  5. Our fields and focus: your benefit Bringing transparency, push, flow and takt to your projects • Manageable work packages, mutual process planning, recognition & use of buffers and dependences, process flow rather than obstruction notices • high level of flexibility by daily quality check & adjustment w/o DS Consulting LCM including DS Consulting LCM

  6. LCM ensures project deliveryIntroducing pull to the construction process Off site On site visualization 6 4 3 KPI’s Link erection concepts 7 5 4-months-lookahead to-do-lists 8 4-weeks- lookahead 2 1 logistics 9 overall process planning timetable

  7. Three core elements of LCMErection process linked to material handling & design 2 1 4-weeks –lookahead-Planning process planning 3 planning card back side planning card front side material database process planning erection concept

  8. Your benefitsLCM reduces the project lead time and saves you money • Selected benefits of performed LCM projects: Save Money ! Save Ressources! Save Time! „Through introduction of LCM we managed to hand over the building two months earlier than scheduled“ ALSTOM Mannheim, Power Station, Mr. Jährling „A detailed 4-week-ahead-planning is essential to steer ressources and bottlenecks. LCM made it transparent“ Trumpf Stuttgart, Headquarter Renovation, Mr. Hoffmann „With higher process transparency we increased the crane utilization from 40 to 80 %“ ALSTOM Karlsruhe, Power Station, Mr. Gartner

  9. About us – CV Mr. Patrick TheisWe look forward to meeting you on July 26th, 2012 Mr. Patrick Theis CEO, DS Consulting Civil Engineer, MBA Dipl.-Ing. FH (Bachelor of Engineering, university of applied sciences, Wiesbaden, Germany, MBA After majoring in construction management at the Wiesbaden University of applied sciences, Patrick Theis joined ARK eXecutives (business consultants) in Berlin. Following several years of experience in this area, he supplemented his knowledge with an MBA in International Management. Patrick Theis joined Drees & Sommer in 2003 and has been Managing Director of DS-Consulting since 2006, which is a member of the Drees & Sommer group. This company pursues both in-house consulting for Drees & Sommer projects as well as external customer projects. The emphasis is on process consulting for administrative and operational processes in various industries based on Lean Management approaches. Patrick Theis has gathered his know-how and experience from numerous internal and external projects. His consulting focus is on optimizing service-provision processes and their operational implementation, as well as on strategic corporate processes. As a Lean Management consultant his key goals are increasing value add for the customer, aligning processes to the customer’s benefit, and increasing the process flexibility. Specialization • Lean Management • Lean Construction • Process optimization • Organizational Consulting • Strategic consulting • Engineering • Experience (excerpt) • PFS AG, Zürich • Frankfort airport, A-west • GEWOFAG • DS Group (Setup and launch of in- house consulting at DS based on Lean Management principles) • Drees & Sommer AG (CRM) • … …

  10. About us – CV Mrs. Brigitta SchockWe look forward to meeting you on July 26th, 2012 Mrs. Birgitta Schock CEO, schockguyan Architect Architect, Zürichs University ofArchitecture, Switzerland During her architecturestudies, Birgitta Schock developed an interest in theconceptofprocessorientatedandstandardisedworkwithinthe individual disciplinsofarchitecturandengineering. Thisinterestgrew after working in different architectoffices after graduatingfrom University andtakingup a positionas an assistantlecturer in urban andspatialdevelopment. Followingthis, Miss Schock tookup a guestlecturingpositionatthe Technical University in Rapperswil whichled her tothe University of Stanford, Californiawhereshecompleted a programfortheoptimizationof AEC processesand 4D simulationatthe CIFE (Centrefor Integrated Facility Engineering). Attheageof 33, Miss Schock setup her owncompany. In time, thecompanytransformeditselffrom a traditional architectofficeto a teamofspecialistswhoare in a positionto understand andimplementvery different clientneedswhileatthe same time maximisingtheirvalueaddingbenefit. Processdefinitionandoptimizationareasmuch a partoftheservicerange, assustainabledevelpmentorproduct design. Memberships AEC-FMB (Group formanagement & economy in construction) LCWG (Lean Construction Working Group) Specialization • Lean Management • Process optimization • AEC processes • 4-D simulation • Architecture • Experience (excerpt) • Technical University in Rapperswil • University of Stanford, California • Swiss railway company (SBB) • Paris Airport Charles de Gaules • Karl Steiner total services • … …

  11. YourContact Birgitta Schock CEO Schockguyan GmbH Grubelstr. 37 8050 Zürich Switzerland Tel +41 43 500 2900 Patrick Theis CEO DS Consulting Process & Organization GmbH Untere Waldplätze 28 70569 Stuttgart Germany Tel +49 711 1317 12 70 Fcs +49 711 1317 40 12 70