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Lesson 1-6 vocab

Lesson 1-6 vocab

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Lesson 1-6 vocab

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  1. Lesson 1-6 vocab #27

  2. Lesson 1 Clandestine the bees were very upset with the bear for stealing their honey and being so clandestine about it covert The Country is a Covert place at times.

  3. Lesson 1 Furtive Inconspicuous: the glare on the t.v. was hard to see it was so inconspicuous. • After Michelle ruined Brittany’s sweater she seemed more furtive when Brittany asked for it back.

  4. Lesson 1 sly Stealthy: the cat acts stealthy around people, but around my dog the cat is a social butterfly. • Sneaky, Smart, lying

  5. Lesson 1 surreptitious Unobtrusive looks like obtuse=big/ more noticeable’ put an UN in front and remember its not noticeable • The Pentecostal girl was becoming more surreptitious about her pregnancy at 16years old.

  6. Lesson 2 Adversary Artisan • The V in adversary can stand for villain= enemy

  7. Lesson 2 Charlatan Hedonist Hedonist; self gratification( think highly of yourself) Janie is a Charlatan. She tries to tell other people who actually know what they are talking about otherwise.

  8. Lesson 2 orator raconteur My dad is an extremely well raconteur, he has a story for everything. • Sounds like oration=speaker/speech

  9. Lesson 2 skeptic virtuoso Sammy is virtuoso in business. She is so skilled she might be getting a promotion soon. • Lauren can be a skeptic person more than normal, she doesn’t look on the bright side of things.

  10. Lesson 3 extraneous frivolous I am a frivolous person, but I can be serious if needed • How is apple pie related to someone playing basketball? Its not therefore its extraneous

  11. Lesson 3 incidental inconsequential Hey everyone I have five dollars, but I am keeping it for lunch tomorrow. That does not mean anything to anyone who was listening. • A good baseball/softball player would see a single, incidental.

  12. Lesson 3 irrelevant negligible The small stain of spaghetti on Kim’s red sweater was negligible because the stain blended in. • Me: do you want to go to cook out? • Laleh: sure, but yesterday I went running  • Me: good for you, but that’s irrelevant to what you want from cook out.

  13. Lesson 3 peripheral petty Donna is such a petty person. She always has to have the last bite of anything. • Kind of like your peripheral vision

  14. Lesson 3 superficial trifling Trevor’s girlfriend of 3 days was very trifling, he was using her to make another girl Brittany, jealous. • The cat was superficial near the pond in the backyard.

  15. Lesson 3/4 trivial acute When I fell and broke my wrist the pain was very very acute. • The fact that I need to use the bathroom is trivial at the moment because I need to focus on my work.

  16. Lesson 4 astute discerning Anna is discerning most of the time. She chooses to study on the weekends rather than going to parties. • For valentines day, my boyfriend was astute on what his gift was.

  17. Lesson 4 erudite incisive I prefer incisive math teachers. I don’t like when they show long versions of ways to solve math problems. • The erudite lawyer has won every case they have faced so far. His hard work paid off.

  18. Lesson 4 ingenious judicious Jud=judgment Judicious= using/showing judgment as to action • Genious= genius • Ingenious= characterized by cleverness

  19. Lesson 4 perspicacious Prudent Recycling is an act of being prudent • Though I am not the best math student I always try to be perspicacious and open minded.

  20. Lesson 4 sagacious savvy Espn analyst are very savvy to sports and the people who play sports. • Most older people are more sagacious than younger people. Being that older people have lived already.

  21. Lesson 5 acrid arid A while back we had a little drought. It was so arid in falls lake people rode four wheelers on the floor of the lake. • The dogs nails were very acrid, when she jumps on me it hurts

  22. Lesson 5 aesthetic ascetic Emily is ascetic on herself about staying pure until marriage because of her Christian beliefs. • Beauty and the beast is a very aesthetic story.

  23. Lesson 5 Atheistic ambiguous Since, john was coming in the front door late his dad woke up asking where he was, he could’ve been somewhere for awhile, or just letting the dog out. The situation is ambiguous. • Atheist= not believing in God

  24. Lesson 5 ambivalent coalesce As the cake cooked the batter coalesced together. • Becky was ambivalent towards Brian, she really likes him but she is second guessing a relationship because he is a flirty person

  25. Lesson 5 convalesce delusion If someone says Florida state won against Virginia tech that would be a delusion. • Sam had great convalesce after his kidney surgery

  26. Lesson 5 allusion illusion Being dehydrated in the desert made Amy see an illusion of a pool • In baseball, they give allusions or signals for what to do on base or at bat.

  27. Lesson 6 imprudent impudent Being impudent to elders is not polite. • Danny was acting imprudent while speeding down the highway

  28. Lesson 6 indigenous indigent Yesterday I was an indigent man standing outside of McDonalds. • I am indigenous to Creedmoor, since I’ve lived here my whole life

  29. Lesson 6 indignant intimate Brenda wishes she could be more intimate and act more open towards Jack. • Carolina felt indignant against duke during the ACC tournament.

  30. Lesson 6 intimidate obscure She was obscure about coming home or staying out of town another day. • The cat seemed intimidated by my dog because typically cats and dogs don’t get along.

  31. Lesson 6 obtuse ponderable My great grandmothers wedding ring is a ponderable item because it was passed on to my mom and eventually will be passed on to me one day. • I have obtuse learning in math. It takes a while for me to catch on to new subjects in math.

  32. Lesson 6 • Ponderous • The baby was ponderous at a few months old because she didn’t have the neck muscles to control her head.