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Finish What You Start Sentence Completions PowerPoint Presentation
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Finish What You Start Sentence Completions

Finish What You Start Sentence Completions

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Finish What You Start Sentence Completions

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  1. Finish What You StartSentence Completions One more time… Dissecting the Sentences Eliminating Deadwood!

  2. New Words • PRO: large • SCIEN: knowledge • EX: out of • GREG: social • AMBU: to move • MUT: Change PUG: fight BELLU,BELLI: war, fight GNOS: knowledge ANTHRO: human PLAC/PAC: peace


  4. Sentence Completion Review Sentence Completions consist of Blanks! First Tactics Read the whole Sentence Read it again Negative, Positive Trigger words—such as? Hard Questions have ________ Easy Questions have________

  5. Review: Trigger Words + Trigger Words: See the Difference Talked in to going on a blind date, Mitzi was ____ because Marty turned out to be _______. OR Talked in to going on a blind date, Mitzi was ____ although Marti turned out to be ____. +

  6. Traps and Tricks: Connections… OPP SAME and CAUSE/EFFECT OPP OPP OPP The Nasty Connection Gremlins… Although Because Nonetheless But for However And But Or Despite While Therefore SAME OPP OPP OPP OPP SAME and CAUSE/EFFECT

  7. More New Tactics:Insert Answer Choices Basically what it says—insert every choice and pick the best! EXP #1: As a public relations specialist, Susan realizes the importance of treating someone with ____ and ___ when dealing with even the most exasperating tourists. Dignity…Etiquette D. Courtesy…Compassion Fantasy…Realism E. Truth…Honesty Kindness…Patience

  8. Predict Words-predict, predict! If possible, predict words to fit in to the blanks. You can’t always predict, but consider the following: Harold was _____ when his new computer arrived because he realized he’d have no excuse for not finishing his homework. What would you predict—add a word?

  9. ****Traps and Tricks Did you start to predict something positive or happy? If so, you forgot to READ the ENTIRE sentence before deciding on an answer…. What did I just tell you –tsk, tsk…. No one seems happy to do homework!

  10. And Always--Find the Doctor! Many writers associated with the Harlem Renaissance were not originally from Harlem; drawn by the artistic community it provided, they _________ the place as home. A. neglected B. adopted C. avoided D. criticized E. encountered N M N N M

  11. Two Blank Questions For two blank questions, you can try answering one blank, then look for the answer. For Instance—what would you predict: Ellison, who wrote the novel Invisible Man, used a lot of ______ to symbolically or figuratively describe many of the significant ______ in his story. A. colors…characters B. situations…problems C. metaphor…events D. descriptive words…actions E. humor…happenings

  12. Which ones you should skip entirely! If you look at a sentence completiona nd you have absolutely NO IDEA what any of the words mean—and there are no parts from vocab that you can decode— THEN SKIP IT!

  13. ANTEPENULTIMATEA fun Word! ANTE-Before PEN-second ULTIMATE-last If you are the antepenultimate in your family –what order are you in the family? THIRD!!!

  14. Practice What you PreachTry a few Questions

  15. Find the hardest answer & Look for important Clues that tell you what the blanks are: EXP: Acid rain is damaging lakes in ____ way, causing the virtually unnoticed ____ of these aquatic ecosystems. M • A. a manifest…eradication • B. a nefarious…polarization • C. an insidious…destruction • D. a methodical…amalgamation • E. an obvious…stagnation N M N N

  16. Pos or Neg (Medium hard) + M A. A tonic B. A cloying C. An indefinite D. A debilitating E. An intemperate The meal had ____ effect on the famished travelers: their energy was restored almost instantly. M N N M

  17. Now the REAL Stuff! Jeopardy!!!