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  1. About basketball The aim of the game Rules in basketball What the court looks like Basketball Training Training picture Equipment By Amy Bourke basketball game Bibliography

  2. About basketball • Basketball is a sport for both female and male. • It is a competitive sport and also is a sport that is fun • Each player wears a sleeveless shirt with a number on the back. • You are roughly in a team of 8-9 • You must not have the same number on the back of your shirt the same as your team mates. • The are reefs in this sport which call fouls and travels and other rules.

  3. The aim of the game • The aim of the game is to get the most goals by getting the ball in the basketball hoop. Who ever gets the most points win.

  4. Rules in basketball • There are many rules in basketball… there are • Travels, fouls, double dibble, push, and some others. • Travels are when you run with the ball. You are not supposed run with the ball you are always have to bounce. • Fouls are when some one is either dribbling the ball (bouncing the ball while running) and some one from the opposition pushes you or puts their hand over the person who is dribbling. That is called a foul. • Double dribble is when you are dribbling the ball and you bounce the ball with two hands that’s double dribble. You all ways have to bounce with one. • Push is when you push someone. • If you get 5 fouls you get taken off the court and you don’t get play for the rest of that game • If you are just about to shoot and somebody slaps your arm you get two free shots. Each time you get one free shot in its counted as 1 point.

  5. What the court looks like

  6. Training • Training involves effort and concentration but also to have fun. • You practise drills so you could use them in a game. • You talk about what you and the team needs to work on. • It involves a lot of running and exercise so you are fit and able to run in a game so you don’t get as puffed out.

  7. Training

  8. Equipment • Things you need to bring to training: • Basketball • Basketball runners • Drink bottle • For basketball game.. • Basketball uniform • Drink bottle

  9. basketball game • In a basketball game you need reffs to keep an eye on the game and fouls. • In a basketball game there are scorers that show how many goals you have got in and keeps track of fouls that players have got. • A goal is scored as 2 points

  10. Bibliography • • • •