the sport of wrestling n.
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The Sport of Wrestling

The Sport of Wrestling

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The Sport of Wrestling

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  1. The Sport of Wrestling Zack Pence EDCI 270

  2. Contents • Basic Rules… • Wrestling Definitions… • Starting Positions… • Scoring… • Ways a Match is Won… • Overtime… • A Wrestling Stance… • Some Basic Moves… • Application… • Quiz…

  3. Basic Rules • Every match starts with both wrestlers in the neutral position (on their feet). • Matches last 3 rounds. Each round usually lasts 2 minutes. • At the beginning of the second period a coin is flipped for choice of top, bottom, or neutral position.

  4. Wrestling Definitions • Takedown- one wrestler takes the other down and gains control of him. • Escape- the wrestler on bottom comes to his feet and faces the other wrestler. • Reversal- the wrestler on bottom goes from bottom to top and gains control of the other wrestler. • Illegal Slam-one wrestler throws the other to the mat without controlling him on the way down. • Stalling- called when a wrestler is making no attempt to score points. This is at the referees discretion. • Near Fall- points awarded when the top wrestler holds the bottom wrestlers shoulders exposed to the mat past ninety degrees to the mat.

  5. Starting Positions Neutral Position Partier (Referees) Position

  6. Neutral Position Wrestlers stand in a good wrestling stance with their toes on the red and green lines at the center of the mat. The referee blows the whistle to begin the match

  7. Partier (Referees) Position One wrestler is on bottom with his knees on one side of the line and his hands on the other. The other wrestler is on top with one hand cupping the bottom mans elbow and the other around the bottom mans waste and on his bellybutton.

  8. Scoring

  9. Scoring Takedown- 2 points Escape- 1 point Reversal- 2 points Near Fall- 2-3 points (depending how long wrestler is held with his back exposed to the mat). Locking Hands- 1 penalty point is awarded Illegal Slam- 1 penalty point is awarded

  10. Ways a Match is Won A win by points A win by pin

  11. A Fall (Pin) A fall, or pin, is when one wrestle holds the other wrestlers shoulder blades to the mat for a count of two. This is purely at the referees discretion.

  12. Tech Fall A tech fall is when one wrestler gains a fifteen point advantage over the other wrestler.

  13. Major Decision A major decision is when one wrestler has a lead that is greater than 8 points at the end of three periods.

  14. Minor Decision A minor decision is when one wrestler has a lead of 7 points or less at the end of three periods.

  15. Overtime

  16. 1st Overtime The first overtime is one minute long It starts with both wrestlers in the neutral position The first wrestler to score a takedown wins the match.