mr smith goes to washington plot line n.
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Mr. Smith goes to Washington plot line! PowerPoint Presentation
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Mr. Smith goes to Washington plot line!

Mr. Smith goes to Washington plot line!

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Mr. Smith goes to Washington plot line!

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  1. Mr. Smith goes to Washington plot line! By: ManyaKaur

  2. Introduction • In the beginning of the movie, a Senator named Fuller has died, so the governor of the specific state (which is not named) has to appoint a new senator. • A man by the name of Jim Taylor is a corrupt man and bribes political men to do as he says. • The men want to find a naive and gullible man so he’ll do what they say. • They want a man named Miller, while on the other side the people want a man named Horecehill. • Jim Taylor and the others didn’t want to appoint Horecehill because he wasn’t as gullible. • The children of the Governor request for a boy scout leader named Jefferson Smith to be the senator • The Governor picks Smith as the Senator • The Senator comes to Washington and gets onto a tour bus without anyone • When he is at the Lincoln Memorial he hears a boy reciting the Gettysburg address

  3. Rising Action • Taylor buys the land for his own good at Willet Creek knowing that there was going to be a dam and Taylor would make a lot of money • At Willet Creek Smith wants to work with Saunders to make a bill to allow boys to come and explore the wild for a couple of weeks • Payne, Taylor, and the other men noticed that the land that Smith wants is Willet Creek • Taylor tries bribing Smith to not present the bill but Smith does not budge Taylor also gives Smith the choice of keeping his seat in the senate for the next twenty years but due to Smith being a honest man he declines this offer as well • Payne blames Smith for buying the land near Willet Creek for his own good • Smith and the others are taken into a room where men look at the signatures and tell them if its forges • When it comes Smith’s turn to take he leaves • Smith packs his bags and goes to the Lincoln memorial where Sauder convinces him to come back

  4. Climax • Mr. Smith goes to the senate and when its his turn to speak the Senators leave • Then Smith calls a quorum, which means that at least half of the senators have to come back • Then he did a filibuster, where he kept talking for a little more than 24 hours

  5. Falling Action • Saunders gets boys to print papers to support Smith • The boys get harassed and get there paper taken away by Taylors men • Taylor’s men bashed the rally that was being held for Smith • Taylor told every newspaper company to print false information

  6. Conclusion • Payne tells everybody that he was the one that lied and that Taylor is a corrupt man • Payne also says to expel him