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The United States of America PowerPoint Presentation
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The United States of America

The United States of America

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The United States of America

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  1. The United States of America The USA - powerful, large power. There live people of many nationalities, this country, the country of rich culture, traditions and a fascinating story is interesting to me. The USA are rendered by a great influence on a course of world history

  2. In the sizes the territory of the USA takes the fourth place among the world countries.

  3. The capital of USA is Washington

  4. Washington

  5. Washington is based in 1791. It is named in honour of the first US president George Vashingtona. After Anglo-American war 1812—14 Washington burnt in 1814 English landing, has been built up anew.

  6. Washington — the most important and beautiful city of the country. It differs from other cities as there are no skyscrapers: it is not authorised to build a building above40 m which would close city monuments.

  7. The state flag of the USA known also as the Star-Spangled Banner is an official state symbol of the USA The flag varied eventually depending on number of the states making the Union.

  8. The flag description 13 strips — 13 colonies which have formed the independent state.

  9. The coat - of - arms The arms of the USA or the Big press of the USA (English Great Seal of the United States) - are used to confirm authenticity of the documents which have been let out by the government of the United States of America. The big press of the USA is stored at the US state secretary.

  10. Sights of the USA

  11. Tower of Sirs in Chicago - the highest building in the world (426)

  12. The Capitol – a place where is the congress сша. Building has begun on September, 18th, 1793 and Has ended in 1811.

  13. The Colorado River is a river in the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico. It is approximately 2,330 km long. It drains a part of the arid regions on the western slope of the Rocky Mountains

  14. Mississipi Mississipi - the Largest river USA, which pool occupies 40 % of all territory of the country, (length of 3950 km.) with inflows.

  15. The symbol of USA is white-headed sea eagle.

  16. White-headed sea eagle it is the animal whom the sea eagle lives only in the United States Americas. It personifies force, boldness, freedom and immortality.

  17. The presidents of USA. George Vashington in which honour the capital USA is named was the first US president. But nowthe head of the state is the Barrack Obama.