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Heading West

Heading West

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Heading West

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  1. Heading West There were many different reasons why people moved west. Today you will learn about some of these reasons.

  2. Mountain men and Explorers open up the west

  3. Mountain men and Fur trappers were some of the first to explore Nevada. Trapped animals for their pelts Lived off the land Found shelter and food in the mountains Many befriended Native Americans Disliked by most Native Americans Seen as invaders

  4. Christopher “Kit” Carson One of the West’s most famous mountain men Started exploring in the West at the age of 16 Couldn’t read or write Learned all he could about land and trails Learned to speak many different languages Guide for John C. Fremont’s expedition across Nevada

  5. John C. Fremont Named many places in Nevada Humboldt River Pyramid Lake Walker River Walker lake First to make a correct map of this region Also known as the “Pathfinder

  6. Mountain Men and Explorers Opened up the West for all of those that were brave enough to venture out and move West.

  7. 1840 Emigrant parties begin Traveling the Oregon and California Trails • Economic Hard Times brought many people out West • Searching for rich farm lands • Jobs • More space and fewer people • A chance to begin again • Seeking adventure

  8. Gold Silver

  9. 1848 • Gold found at Sutter ‘s Mill in California • Once this news reached the East coast thousands flocked to the West to find their fortune • Few stopped in Nevada to pan for Gold • 1850 gold was discovered in Gold Canyon • 1859 the richest silver ore was found. It was named The Comstock Lode. • This discovery brought thousands of miners to Nevada

  10. The Homestead Act of 1862 brought many more settlers to the West. To start their new life adventure in the Wide open spaces west of the Mississippi.

  11. Mountain men and Explorers guided the way out West. Economic Hardship fueled the need to go West. Discovery of gold in California opened the flood gates to the West. And for others the search for religious freedom encouraged the move West.