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Genome Conservation Society PowerPoint Presentation
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Genome Conservation Society

Genome Conservation Society

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Genome Conservation Society

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  1. Genome Conservation Society A society for the past and the future of mankind • What is the Genome? • Word of the President. • Purpose of the society • GenomeShrine practical.


  3. Genome Conservation Society WORD OF THE PRESIDENT NOT THE BLOOD BUT THE DNA IS IMPORTANT For many centuries man has been intrigued by his descent; where do I come from? And by the existential question, who am I? Think of aristocracy, blue blood and other myths. Think of races and peoples and all the wars and the strife that results until today. As a consequence of the discovery by Francis Crick and James Watsonin 1953 that the blueprint of man is stored in a language of four letters on a chain in the form of a double helix, the DNA, we now know that not the blood as such but a precise text defines our being. Back to top >>

  4. Genome Conservation Society WORD OF THE PRESIDENT THE GENOME, THE BOOK OF MY LIFE This DNA text is stored in a library containing forty six enormous volumes, or rather a double series of twenty three volumes, one that you get from your mother the other from your father, called the chromosomes. The smallest of these volumes contains 72 million letters the biggest four times as much In reality this library is very smallin size, so small that each cell of our body with some exemptions contains a copy of the whole library. A complete copy is the GENOME of that individual, THE BOOK OF HIS LIFE. Crick and Watson received the Nobel prize for their discovery. >>

  5. Genome Conservation Society WORD OF THE PRESIDENT ENORMOUS CONSEQUENCES In the mean time the Human Genome Project to translate the blueprint for the standard human being in a for man accessible computer language has been completed. What this work opens as a perspective for our civilization nobody can tell but some pretend that a reconstruction of a body, a sort of resurrection, could become a possibility. Already today pieces of information stored in the Genome are used to trace hereditary illness and soon it will be possible to cure some of these. The cloning of animals is carried out by forcing to expression the plan that is contained in a cell of the sole parent. >>

  6. Genome Conservation Society WORD OF THE PRESIDENT GENOME CONSERVATION That the information contained in the DNA can survive death has been proved by the fact that mummified bodies still contain recognizable DNA after thousands of years. Even if the technique of mummification to preserve the DNA of deceased kings and dignitaries would not now be considered best practice today, at the time it certainly was. Building a pyramid around it sometimes also helped. Ironically the DNA of some people that had been offered to the gods in the mountains of South America has been better preserved than that of their rulers. >>

  7. Genome Conservation Society Purpose of the society • The subtitle says it. ``A society for the past and the future of mankind``. • To decipher the past ; DNA from people living now can help to reconstruct history. • To shape the future the genome of people who live now should not be lost. • We want to preserve the genome of all living people for eternity even after cremation. >>

  8. Genome Conservation Society YOUR GENOME CAN BE CONSERVED IN A GenomeShrine Ô Our Society for the Conservation of the Genome has conceived a practical method to conserve your Genome for posterity. To continue to exist so to speak you need no mummy, no stone, no mausoleum, no pyramid, no tomb, no deep freeze but only a by us invented GenomeShrine(patent applied for) containing a few thousand cells of your body. You can then keep your Genome at home in a beautiful shrine or pass it on to your descendants or to whoever you want. Interested? Contact; Guido Symons<<