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SBJSA Organization

SBJSA Organization

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SBJSA Organization

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  1. SBJSA Organization Committee Structure Plan

  2. Chart Legend

  3. The Executive Committee

  4. SBJSA President • Lead the entire SBJSA organization and ensure its annual operational success. • Establish the agenda and chair the monthly Board of Directors meetings. • Represent SBJSA and interface with other sailing clubs/associations, civic groups, high schools, etc. to promote the organization and benchmark with others. • Chair special non-recurring project team(s) or committees not assigned to other Officers or Directors (ie- regattas, waterfront development, etc). • Engage and interface with our legal counsel as needed.

  5. Vice President • Fill in for the President as needed. • Chair the Long Range Planning Committee, responsible for the 7 yr long range vision for SBJSA and an overall plan (with rough $$ estimates) to achieve that vision. • Assist the Secretary in submission of the annual Health Dept. permit application. • Lead specific non-recurring team(s), tasks or projects assigned by the President.

  6. Secretary • Create and distribute notes of all Board meetings, special meetings, etc. • Correspond with all Board members to confirm meeting dates, action items, agenda, etc. • Maintain the official archive of all meeting minutes and important correspondence. • Write and submit the annual Health Dept permit application for camp operation. • Act as camp registrar – receive and track all tuition payments in Quickbooks and deliver checks to the Treasurer for depositing.

  7. Treasurer • Provide monthly financial reports (YTD actuals & balance sheet). • Interface with Paychex for payroll processing (labor hrs reporting, check disbursement, payroll tax obligations, etc). • Pay all bills (including taxes) in timely fashion and make all bank deposits. • Log all donations received by cash/check/credit card/materials-in-kind and provide data updates to Director of Giving for thank-yous. • Interface with outside accounting firm and provide all necessary information for formal annual financial report, including asset updates and income tax obligations. • Prepare annual operating budget proposal. • Maintain financial records for the last 7 years

  8. Director of Giving • Execute our annual appeal, including all outward communication. • Effectively utilize Donor Perfect software and maintain database of givers. • Interface with Treasurer to ensure that all donations are acknowledged and thankyous to givers are sent. • Write & submit funding grants (Stuart Foundation, Bullis Foundation, Davenport-Hatch Foundation, etc). • Interface with United Way to ensure continued relationship and giving pathway.

  9. Director of Marketing • Coordinate and submit all print media and website advertising. • Maintain up-to-date information on the SBJSA website; pull together content from other officers and directors and interface with SBJSA webmaster. • Coordinate all social media communication. • Coordinate, collect and archive photographic and written records of SBJSA camp history.

  10. Fund Raising Director • a. Organize major annual fundraising events: • BBQ • Golf Tournament • b. Establish and coordinate chairs for each event & ensure the following deliverables: • budget. • summary of actual costs & invoices for Treasurer (common format). Deliver all proceeds to the treasurer for depositing. • advance orders/deposits for tents, food, beverages, raffle prizes, etc, as needed. • volunteer staffing to run events, including setup, ticket sales and cleanup. • all other details associated with a successful and profitable event.

  11. Director of Curriculum • Develop, maintain and improve our overall SBJSA camp educational program, including content and delivery. • Benchmark with other area junior sailing programs and US Sailing to refine our programs. • Work with staff to document detailed course content for LTS, LTR and swimming. • Interface with camp director to ensure effective curriculum delivery during camp. • Conduct annual de-brief with staff to identify curriculum improvement opportunities.

  12. Director of Staffing • Create and utilize job postings and interview process for hiring, including background checks. • Correspond with staff to determine those returning and positions to fill, etc. • Utilize pay table to establish annual individual pay rates. • Provide and document annual job evaluations for each staff member. • Ensure all staff members have necessary Red Cross certifications. • Regularly interface with Camp Director during camp season to ensure staffing level effectiveness.

  13. Director of Fleet • Maintain currency of all boat and trailer DMV registrations. • Coordinate volunteer in-house, as well as contracted local marina yards, for all boat and engine maintenance, including winterization as needed. Purchase parts and maintain a spare parts system for in-house repairs. • Maintain all boat storage racks. • Investigate, coordinate and implement new boat purchases, as well as other needed equipment (outboard motors, masts, etc), with approval from the Board of Directors. • Create and maintain in-house inventory of boat spare parts.

  14. Director of Racing Program • Work with Head of Race (staff) to ensure delivery of our racing program. • Coordinate racing events schedule with other area sailing programs. • Schedule travel logistics for racing events, including volunteer parent drivers, equipment needed, trailer prep and loading/unloading, accommodations as necessary, etc. • Provide annual summary of travel expenses, including staff labor compensation, to Treasurer. • Benchmark with other area racing program directors to enable an effective SBJSA program.

  15. Director of Facilities and Grounds • Ensure maintenance and operation of facilities, including cleaning supplies purchase, painting as needed, repairs, upgrades, utility startup and winterization, etc. • Coordinate maintenance of grounds and parking lots (lawn mowing, grass-seeding, weeding, asphalt sealing, signage, etc). Interface with Camp Director as needed. • Maintain docks and mooring facilities/equipment. • Interface with insurance agent to ensure currency and proper scope of our policy (liability and physical coverage). • Interface with SBYC to maintain land and facility use agreements.

  16. Long Range Planning

  17. Property Development Committee

  18. The Future