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Square LED Downlights With Low Power Consumption PowerPoint Presentation
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Square LED Downlights With Low Power Consumption

Square LED Downlights With Low Power Consumption

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Square LED Downlights With Low Power Consumption

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  1. SQUARE LED DOWNLIGHTS Use Dimmable Square LED Downlights at Indoor Places

  2. SQUARE LED DOWNLIGHTS One of the most important benefits of buying the LED downlights is that they come in various different shapes and designs that can easily fit inside the commercial and residential places, you can install these lights even at the lower ceiling places as well. One such kind of LED downlights are square LED Downlights that can ideally recessed retrofit downlight that can replace the traditional lights to ensure better lighting results. You can use these squares LED downlights inside your homes, offices among many other places as well.

  3. ADVANTAGES Square LED Downlights • The lumen output of this square LED downlights is much more than the traditional downlights. • For instance you can replace 9w LED downlights with 65w traditional lights in order to get additional savings apart from the reduced electricity bills. • You can create an appealing ambience without getting disturbed with buzzing noise which otherwise can hamper the productivity of yours. • You will get 5 years of warranty from the manufacturer ‘end on buying these downlights that are energy star product and FCC approved as well. • Use these lights for more than 50,000 hours as well without paying any dollar towards its maintenance and replacement cost. • These lights are environment-Friendly and don’t emit hazardous chemicals or substances which otherwise are found in the normal downlights. • These LED downlights are ETL and Energy Star approved thus giving you a surety that you are using safe products.