business name lower left and right side back pain n.
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Lower Left And Right Side Back Pain PowerPoint Presentation
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Lower Left And Right Side Back Pain

Lower Left And Right Side Back Pain

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Lower Left And Right Side Back Pain

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  1. Business Name: Lower Left And Right Side Back Pain Address: 2500 Morris Avenue, Suite 220TY Union, NJ 07083 Phone : (908) 7728302 Website: Category: Chiropractor, Pain management physician, doctor, medical clinic. Hours: Mon-Thu 9am–5pm Fri-8am–4pm Payment: Cash, all cc. Description: Your pain management doctors in NJ bring a wide range of experience to the care and treatment of back pain. While back pain is the most common cause of missed work and disability, your situation is unique and treated as such at Redefine Healthcare. Your doctors carefully examine you and listen to your symptoms and concerns before suggesting the most suitable course of treatment. As experts in the field of pain management, your doctors diagnose and treat all conditions affecting your back, including: Upper back pain that often includes pain in your shoulders or limiting neck pain Lower back pain, which is the most common source of back discomfort and often includes pain that radiates to your legs, knees, hips and joints Back injuries that may lead to a herniated disc, a pulled muscle, a compression fracture or a pinched nerve. Myofascial pain syndrome, a chronic condition that requires ongoing pain management and often occurs due to pain referred from somewhere else in your body. Spondylolisthesis, a condition common among athletes. Piriformis syndrome, which causes discomfort when you do nothing more than sit, stand or walk up and downstairs. Keywords:

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