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My First Ride on a Train

My First Ride on a Train. Lecturer 日照一中 刘爽. Kangaroo. Koala. desert. beach. camels. Read the passage quickly and silently and answer the following question. What is the passage mainly about?. A a train ride to Sydney B taking the train to Australia

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My First Ride on a Train

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  1. My First Ride on a Train Lecturer 日照一中 刘爽

  2. Kangaroo Koala

  3. desert beach camels

  4. Read the passage quickly and silently and answer the following question. What is the passage mainly about? A a train ride to Sydney B taking the train to Australia C travelling to the central part of Australia by train D a child visiting her grandmother

  5. recently Read para.1 carefully and find out the following information. AliceThompsonand her friend have their first ride on a long-distance train---the Ghan get on / Sydney, get off / Alice Spring two days and nights

  6. Read para.2 -3 and describe the journey train _______ _________ food ________ _________ passengers______ What was the scenery like? What scenery did Alice see? What did Alice do on the train? wonderful/ comfortable great nice cookedby experts colorful fields soil desert sun sky abandoned farms look out of talk read listen to watch

  7. Read the last three paragraphs and find out the events during the following time. A long time ago A hundred and fifty years ago the 1920s In 1925 needed a way/tried riding horses brought camels/ Afghanistan carried food and other supplies returned with wools and products built a railway/ didn’t need camels passed a law/allow/shoot

  8. Choose the best answer according to the passage. 1) Australians used to travel on camels for _________. A. business B. tour C. farming D. animal training 2) In general, the writer _________. A. showed no interest in his trip by train B. thinks his ride was interesting but too long. C. enjoyed his ride on the train. D. disliked the way the camels we treated in Australia. 3) The writer talked a lot about camels in his writing, because________. A. Camels played an important part in his traveling. B. He was planning to travel on a camel. C. Readers are often interested in animals. D. The writer wanted to explain why the train was called Ghan.

  9. Read the sentences and translate the underlined parts into Chinese. Animals which were trained • Trained animals carried food and other supplies. • We saw abandoned farms which were more than a hundred years ago. • We ate great meals cooked by experts! farms which were abandoned meals which were cooked by experts Can you give some other examples? a teacher called Ms Shen used car given time

  10. Discussion Discuss the following question with your partners. Do you think the camels should be shot? Suppose you are a government official, what would you do with the camels?

  11. Homework 1. Underline the sentences that you think are beautiful. 2. Read and recite the text.

  12. Thank You

  13. Discussion Choose one of the topics you like and discuss it with your partners. • Do you think the camels should be shot? Why? 2. If you write about a journey, what should be included in your passage?

  14. A Journey • 1.Who • 2.When • 3.Where • 4.How • 5.What • 6.How long 7. Your feelings

  15. Language focus 1. And what a ride! ( = what a beautiful ride it was! ) 这是多么美妙的旅行啊! 2. We got on in Sydney and we got off in Alice Springs, right inthe middle of Australia, more than four thousand kilometers away.我们在悉尼上车,在位于四千多米外的澳大利亚中部的艾丽斯斯普林斯下车。 3.The Afghans and their camels did this until the 1920s. 直到二十世纪二十年代,阿富汗人和他们的骆驼还在这样做着。 4.Then the government built a new railway line, so theydidn’t need the camels any more. 后来政府修建了一条铁路线,所以他们不再需要骆驼了。

  16. My First Long-distance Travel • I had my first long-distance travel in June this year. I went to Tibet with my husband . We went there by plane. But first we went to Jinan by car. Then we got on the plane. We landed on Chengdu and changed another plane to fly to Lasa. Then we took a bus to get to the hotel where we lived. It wholel journey took us one day.

  17. My First Long-distance Travel • Flying on a plane is wonderful. In fact ,it was my first fly on a plane. After the plane took off ,it soon flew above the clouds The sky was azure/bright blue. I had never seen such blue sky before. And the clouds were like cotton. It seemed that the plane was flying above piles of cotton. The plane supply snacks ,drinks ,magazines for the passengers. I did nothing but watch out of the window and kept on taking photos. When I got off the plane in Lasa,I found the sky was also bright blue. I spent five days there. Whenever I got outside I would looked up at the sky,it was always bright blue with white clouds of different shapes flowing about. The blue sky and white clouds left a deep impression on me. After I returned home I often look up at the sky. It is ofen grey. I do hope our sky will be that blue .

  18. 1.No.She tavelled on the train recently. • 2.No, it was Alice Springs in the centre of Australia. • 3. No, at first there were fields, then it • was dessert. • 4.Yes, she studied Chinese. • 5.Yes, at first, but the horses didn’t like the hot weather. • 6.No, they use the train now.

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