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Module 3 My First Ride on a Train Period one Introduction + Cultural corner PowerPoint Presentation
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Module 3 My First Ride on a Train Period one Introduction + Cultural corner

Module 3 My First Ride on a Train Period one Introduction + Cultural corner

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Module 3 My First Ride on a Train Period one Introduction + Cultural corner

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  1. Module 3 My First Ride on a Train Period one Introduction + Cultural corner 宣汉二中 覃立红

  2. helicopter taxi bus ferry transportation tram motorbike train plane bicycle

  3. air road rail/trail water

  4. Exercises in the workbook (Page 80)Complete the table by putting the means of transport in the correct column. 4 交通工具 bicycle bus camel ferry helicopter horse motorbike ship plane taxi train tram bicycle ferry helicopter ship plane bus camel horse motorbike taxi train tram

  5. Filling the blanks Bus\train\tram\bike\motorbike Ferry\plane Car/Taxi/helicopter Bike/motorbike Train/taxi/bus/ car Plane/helicopter

  6. Exercises in the workbook (Page 80) Correct these sentences with the words in the box. 5 board drive fly get off get on get out of land ride sail take off Example: Can you fly a bicycle? Can you fly a bicycle? ride

  7. 1. I don’t know how to ride a car. 2. When all of the passengers had boarded, the ocean liner(班船)left the port and flew to Hong Kong.3. The passengers got out of the bus.4. The plane got off from Tokyo(东京) Airport and six hours later, it landed in Bangkok(曼谷).5. How long did it take you to learn how to sail a plane? sailed got off drive fly took off

  8. Let me introduce you a comedy Lost on Journey 《人在囧途》 Pay attention to the underlined words

  9. The Spring Festival(春节) is coming. A boss of a toy company decides to come back home to celebrate the New Year. He meets a worker at the airport, who goes to get his money back(讨债) .

  10. They get on the plane. But unfortunately(不幸的是), the plane is forced to land,because of a big snow.

  11. Then they choose to go home by train. But the train is delayed because of the landslide(山体滑坡).

  12. After that, they can only choose to take a coach (长途汽车). But the bus still returns due to(由于) the road’s blocking(阻塞) by the landslide(山体塌方).

  13. In order to go home, they press on with the journey (继续赶路) by boarding a ferry, driving a minibus(面包车), and even getting on a tractor.

  14. Finally, the boss goes home successfully and the things happening on the journey make them make the right choice of their lives.

  15. PAIR WORK Try to describe the first time you traveled a long distance. • Sample: • I first travelled a long distance by ___ when I was _____________. I went with _________ from _______ to _______. I felt curious and happy. It is a _____trip. • Tips:When talking about experience, you should pay attention to these: • Who , when, where, what, why, how

  16. New words: • complete. (vt)完成 • magnetically: (adv)有磁性地 • levitate : vt. & vi. (使)升空, (使)漂浮levitation: (n)升空飘荡之力 • vacuumn.  1 真空  2 真空吸尘器  • 3 空间; 空虚; 空白 vt. 用真空吸尘器清扫(某物) • chancellor [′tʃɑ:nsələ] : • (n)奥地利等国的总理,首相,大臣

  17. While-reading Now read this passage and find the answers to the following questions: 1.) How long does it take the Maglev to complete the 30-minute journey? 2.) Where does it run between? . In 8 minutes. Between Shanghai’s Pudong Airport and Longyang Station in downtown Shanghai.

  18. Read the passage again and try to answer the following Qs: • 1.What are the main differences between a magnetically levitated train and an ordinary train? • 2. What are the advantages of travelling on a Maglev train? It is faster, less noisy and uses less energy. You travel very quickly and quietly. You can save a lot of energy and protect the environment .

  19. Language points: 1.Travelling at a speed of 400kms……reached a speed of 501 kms----- • reach a speed of:达到 … …的速度 • at a speed of:以… … 的速度 • at full/top speed:以最快速度

  20. 3. …the opening/closing ceremony… 开幕仪式 4. …a new world record speed for a train. 一项新的火车速度世界纪录

  21. HOMEWORK Review Ex.2 on page 22 ( look up the new words in the dictionaryand write them on your notebook.)

  22. Thankyouforyourcooperation!