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eCover Authority review - 65% Discount and FREE $14300 BONUS PowerPoint Presentation
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eCover Authority review - 65% Discount and FREE $14300 BONUS

eCover Authority review - 65% Discount and FREE $14300 BONUS

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eCover Authority review - 65% Discount and FREE $14300 BONUS

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  1. eCover Authority- True Review with BiggestDiscountPrice Tags:ECoverAuthority,ECoverAuthorityreviewandbonus,ECoverAuthorityreviews,ECoverAuthorityreviews andbonuses,ECoverAuthoritydiscount,ECoverAuthoritybonus,ECoverAuthoritybonuses,ECoverAuthority reviewanddiscount,ECoverAuthorityreview,ECoverAuthorityreviewsandbonuses,ECoverAuthoritydiscount,… Links: Let'sfaceit, good designmakes abigdifferencewhenyou sell online -whereyou could becompetingwith literallyhundreds of other onlinemaketers sellingproductssimilar toyours. Thetruth is, you havetostand out, otherwiseyourbusiness is in trouble! and good design starts with thepackagingofyourdigital product.

  2. Having agreat product imageis KEY! It makesyour product seem REALto theprospect.It offers instant credibility.It does theselling foryou! • But foryears wehad tomakeour eCover imageswith Photoshop and add-ons called Photoshop Actions. Both of theseproducts areexpensive and requirespecialized skill to use. Plus theytake alot of time! • When wegot too busytodo them all in-house, we started outsourcingour eCover images tographic designers. Asyou mayhaveguessed, thatgot quite expensive!Plus nobodylikes waitingaroundfordays (sometimes weeks, to behonest!) whileadesigner does this thing! • That is whywearecomingup with this completeyet simplesolution that will helpyou packageyour digital products andconveyasenseofexpertiseand authority, instantlyincreasingthe perceived value of whatyou areselling!! • It's doesn't matter ifyouaresellingebooks, Kinldle books, software.audioor video training products, or anythingelse.Ifyou need aneCoverimagesforyour product,you willLOVE thiseCoverAuthority software! • Weguaranteeit! • eCoverAuthority is anextremelyeasy-to-use, point-and-click onlinesoftwarethatcreatesauthoritypackagingandecover product shots andmorewithout the need for expensive software likePhotoshop orWordpress plugins or short codes or anybulkysoftware! • But that's notall!!! eCoverAuthorityincludesaneasyto usebanner creator that will letyoucreateFacebookand Youtube covers, social viralquotes and much more!!! • Hereis eCoverAuthorityfull features: • Over100 designtemplates. • Hard and soft coverreports, CD and DVD imagesand cases, iPhoneand Macscreens, Kindlesand Nooks, and more! Yes, there'san ecover design readyforyour product! • Easy to use • Oursoftwareis so easythatyourgrandmothercould useit! Just point andclick! No installation, no downloads, no plugins required! • Fast instant download • eCovers aregenerated instantlyand immediatelydownloadable. No waitingfor days to hear back fromyour designer everagain! • High quality 3Drenders

  3. High quality24bit PNGfiles ensurethehighest qualityimages! • 2D flat covers included • Theflat design ofyour eCover is saved foryouautomatically. Useit as thefront pageofyour PDF/eBook! • Createpackages • Thebuilt in "Pakager"featureallowsyou to combine 2 ormoreeCovers to generateapackage foryour product bundles!It'sfast andeasy! • Saveand edit later • AllyoureCover designsaresaved soyou can modify, update and redownload them later! • Tons offreegraphics included • Create stunningdesigns bychoosingfrom 100s ofhigh quality graphics and stock imagesavailable toyou -plusyou can addyour own! • Hereis everything you get with this phenomenal offer: • LifetimeAccessforonelowpayment-Amassivediscountofftheregularprice. • NoOngoingfees-ever! • In-depthvideotutorialstogetyougoingquickly • Over100eCovertemplatestochoosefrom,including • Hardcoverbooks • Spiral-boundandsoftcoverreports • SoftwareBoxesandBoxSets • CDandDVDimagesandCases • Iphone,iPod,iPadandMacscreens • Kindle,KindleFire,Nook,andmanymore! • Over95backgroundimagestochoosefrom • Over70FontsavailabletomakeyourtextPOP! • HundredsofAbstractimages,clipartandstockphotographyBuilt-in • Addyourownclipart,photos,orFullydesignedbookcoverstoworkwith! • "Pakager"thatletsyouassembleyoureCoversintoPackageshots. • Also inclused: Authority BannerCreator that's perfect for... • FacebookCoverBanners • YoutubeBannersandVideoThumbnailsTwitterPageBanners • ViralMemesofAnyKind • AnyOtherSocialMediaImagesyouneed!

  4. PLUS 20 Top Quality "Done For You" "KindleReady" eCover Templates! • Do not wasteyour timewith a hyped-up sales letter to tryto persuadeyouwhyyou need this product. Just watch this short video and seeforyourself!! • Watch This VideoDemo ofECOVER AUTHORITY • • Remember, witheCoverAuthority... • NoPhotoshopNeeded! • NodesignSkillsneeded! • Thereisnothingtodownload,andnothingtoinstall!! • YouGetInstantAccess! • FasteCoverCreation-YouCanCreateaneCoverin3minutesorLess! • PerfectforProductCreators! • PerfectforPRLRe-Branding! • PerfectBrandingBooster! • It's truethat people DO judgea book (or anyproduct) byits cover! • Somake your eCoversSTAND OUTFROM THE CROUWD! • Now, for alimited time,you can sign up for LIFE for just ONE PAYMENTof $37! That's right!!Payonce, useit for LIFE! • That's an INCALCULABLE discount!

  5. That means that forless than the priceof aSINGLE outsourced cover design,you can haveaccess to UNLIMITED designs, anytimeyou needthem! GRABeCoverAuthority LicenseRight Now!!!! AndYou will also get 2giant bonus packsthatvalueover$24,000 fromus! Hurry Up...TakeAction Right Now!

  6. You will beable to get 2 super exclusivebonuspacks ifyou geteCoverAuthority! Butit justlimitedto thefirst20 fastest people! Don't wasteyourprecious time!Takeaction right now!Right Here!! Click hereto seemoredetail of: GiantBonusPackat$12700 SpecialBonusPackat$9700 Threesimple steps to claimthesemassivebonus packs! Step 1:Press (Ctrl + Shift + Delete) OrClean/Deleteall cookie andcacheofyourinternet browser. Step 2:Click HeretoeCoverAuthority Step 3:After completing the transaction,forward the receipt tomyemail at this contactpage! You will receive 2 bonus packs(Giant Pack at$12700+ Special Packat $9700)within20 Hours. Click theselinks below for moreinformation: Pack/449329951905061

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