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  1. Sparky By: Kevin and Chase 10-11-13 4th grade HGS

  2. Classify your animal Are animal is a vertebrate and a new species.

  3. Appearance Sparky is rainbow colored. Sparky has a texture that is soft and scaly. Sparky is long and has lots and lots of feathers. Sparky has8 arms, legs and feet. 0 fins, hands and toes. 2 wings and claws and has no fingers. Sparky is big and skinny and is very tall if you include the wings.

  4. Habitat Sparky lives in the grasslands because there is lots of space and is has a good climate for Sparky to live in and he likes to live near the freshwater so that he can swim. Sparky’s special characteristics are that he can run very fast and he can fly with his eagle wings as high as 500 ft. tall. He has sharp venomous poisonous spikes that can cut 5 trees in a minute!

  5. How your animal gets around Sparky gets around by using is eagle wings to fly high in the sky and can run a a top speed of 500 mph. with only his tarantula legs.

  6. Diet Sparky is an omnivore. He only eats very few meats and lots of plants. He only eats meat from an animal if it is very very sick and can’t be helped by park rangers or mother nature. He smell plants and meats from hundreds of miles away.

  7. Predators Sparky has no predators because he can outrun them at his 500 mph. top speed.

  8. Reproduction Sparky gives birth by laying eggs. Laying them in the summer or spring can help the babies get Vitamin D from the sun. That enough energy so that they can hunt when they are 4 yrs. old and for a human that is 2 yrs. old. Sparky can lay up to 6 eggs in 1 week!

  9. Sources Chase and I have been researching and finding facts about some of the animals which were included in with Sparky. Facts… • The name Sparky came from my brother. He said that it was a good name because sparks are fast and Sparky is fast. • Some of the parts of Sparky are eagle wins, tarantula legs, and a scorpion tail.

  10. All about Sparky Sparky is a fantastic animal! Sparky is sometimes called the cobpolelecrantulacondor. But he doesn't like to be called that. He doesn't like to be put inside of cages. He likes to be friendly and play alot. He likes to be petted and likes to run wild. He does not like to be treated unfairly.

  11. This presentation is brought to you and part by The Sparky Club Members are Chase White Kevin Wall Mrs. Purser Special thanks to Mrs. Purser Mrs. Benton