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Sparky Run

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Sparky Run

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  1. Sparky Run Mile Run By: Gwen Scott

  2. Don’t be afraid • Every one must start somewhere. the main thing is to START!!!!

  3. Clothes/Shoes • Wearing your P.E. clothes is a must. Wearing your everyday clothes says that you are not ready to run. Plus who wants to stay in their stinky clothes all day. It is good hygiene to change into work out clothes and then change back into your street clothes for the rest of the day. Also wearing good tennis shoes is a must!!! Anything else (boots, sandals, flats) is NO GOOD!! It is bad for your feet as well as your whole body.

  4. Know your vocabulary • Endurance-doing something for a long period of time • Sprint-running as fast as you can for a short period of time • Pace-running the same speed for a long period of time • Stride-distance between your feet • Split time-time between each lap

  5. Warm up • Warm up-this is letting your body know that is getting ready for some physical activity. • It is easier to stretch a warm muscle than a cold one. • Slow jog for 3-5 minutes. Stretch out your hamstrings, calves, quadriceps, triceps, deltoids. • Do not bounce while stretching, bouncing could cause injury.

  6. Plan your strategy • 4 laps equal the mile, there are different ways to complete it. • Set a goal time, divide that number by four and that would be the time for each lap. • Jog the long, walk the short • Jog three sides and walk one side • Jog all four laps • Jog with someone that has your same goal time • Power walk

  7. Time to run • On the whistle, set your pace to win the race (ha-ha I made a funny) • Get your time after the last lap • Question to ask yourself “Did I meet my goal? If you did what was your strategy? And if you did not, you need to ask yourself “Why did I not meet my goal?” and change your strategy for next time you run.

  8. Cool down • After you have finished, don't lay down and “die” you need to walk around the field to get your breath back to normal and cool your muscles by a slow walk. • After you have walked for 3-5 minutes, stretch your muscles (hamstrings, calves, quadriceps, triceps, and deltoids) • Sip water (not guzzle)

  9. YEAH!!!!! • See I told you that you would do fine. Now you will only get better that more times you run.