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Pre-employment Screening: Improving the Hiring Process PowerPoint Presentation
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Pre-employment Screening: Improving the Hiring Process

Pre-employment Screening: Improving the Hiring Process

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Pre-employment Screening: Improving the Hiring Process

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  1. Pre-employment Screening: Improving the Hiring Process

  2. Pre-employment screening is a compilation of a man's commercial, criminal, and even financial records. Background checks are very normal, truth be told, some studies demonstrate that most of the employers expect employees to experience background checks before they are hired.

  3. There are many reasons why pre-employment screening are usually utilized as a part of hiring process for a wide range of positions.

  4. About 40% of resumes can contain false or altered data, in this way, hiring managers need to guarantee that the quality of work and skills that they are getting from a worker is what they were provided. The company uses an employment background check to see if the employee really graduated from the school they claimed as well as affirm their work on their past employer(s) during the time stated on his resume.

  5. These checks can likewise be utilized to shield businesses from liability issues — if their workers act poorly and cause unnecessary accidents, bosses can, in some cases, be considered in charge of carelessness, or negligence. For example, if a transport organization employs somebody with a poor driving record, they can be considered accountable if the driver gets into a crash; it is the transport organization's duty to check the driving records of any applicant before employing.

  6. A background check result helps HR personnel choose the right individual without any hesitation. It gives them more information than the given resume. Most importantly, it guides them to make the right hire that they will never regret. Pre-employment screening is the hiring manager’s tool and best friend in the pre-employment process.

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